Go, Go, Parody Rangers! 2

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At last, the long-awaited sequel to the smash hit, "Go, Go, Parody Rangers!", with an even more killer voice cast than before! Featuring several proffesional Voice Actors from the anime industry, including Kevin M. Connolly (Fuery on Fullmetal Alchemist), Maria Vu (Kodocha), Mike Pollock (Dr. Eggman on Sonic X) and Kyle Hebert (The Narrator and Gohan on Dragonball Z). Plus, the return of all of the previous cast members, including Egoraptor of "Metal Gear Awesome" fame, and flash legends John & Richie Zirbes, creator of the "Perfect Kirby" series!

I worked long and hard on this movie, and it was tons of fun. From the script writing, to the painstaking animation process, to directing several of my cast members on their lines, to the final finished product, this thing was a blast. I think it's without a doubt better than the first movie, as well! I wanna thank everyone who helped out, from my amazing voice cast, to all of those who supported the project and egged me on to make a sequel, to those who helped with audio troubles (mainly Psyguy), to those who come up with any and all jokes used in the movie, from my co-writers to anyone who I ganked jokes from (and I love you guys, really!), I think you're all gonna be proud of this one, and I certainly hope you laugh your asses clean off. I already have a basic script set for GGPR3, but that will probably have to wait for a while. Nonethless, look forward to future projects featuring our team of rainbow generic stereotypes and their balls-off-the-walls adventures. Enjoy!

NOTE: Don't try to pause this movie. The way it's set up, pausing it will only make the minimal synch problems even worse. Also, the replay button doesn't work, but hopefully that isn't too big a deal for you guys. Vote 5, and visit the links on the final screen!


Not impressed.

Ok I'm going to be completely honest here. I did not care for this. Its not really that funny as the first one and I can point out why. No offence to you or any of the other Fireball members but you guys have LOST your sense of humor. I'm being dead serious here and this flash is a perfect example. I have a good reason too, this flash has one thing that got on my nerves. Stereotype humor in this flash was all over the place. I mean from every last bit from beginning to end. Ok not all of it but there was a lot of it. The first thing I saw was the opening with the boy and his fat dad being an ass and cursing at his kid about watching the show. The next thing was the replacement of actors in old shows, which was followed up by the whole emo joke after the funny fight which I will admit was the FUNNIEST scene in the whole flash...until it got to the bashing of Sonic Heroes. As if the Sonic games haven't got enough shit, leave the game alone for once. emo scene. You portrayed them as gothic kids, not every single goth kid is an emo bastard and I should know cause I have friends who are gothic and they think those who are emo are NOT part of their group. The next thing I noticed after the fight with all the weird ass monsters and revealing the green ranger's identity into Vector. Ok, again you guys at Fireball need to STOP WITH THOSE JOKES. They where funny the first few thousand times, but now they are annoying and its fucking pissing off people. I'm not saying that your flash sucks, you're a great artist and I respect your skills but to know that you go and use your talent for a series like this after the kick ass TTA series is just...like a waste. I mean really, you can do MUCH better then GGPR with your talent, not all flashes have to be humor and that's why I enjoyed your work cause you actually WANTED to make something different. But now...to see that you're going down making this kind of series while you could do so much MORE with your talent is just sad. I also know why you're only doing 2 last episodes of TTA as OVAs, and personally I don't see how you can do that with just TWO episodes. If they are long as hell then yes, but if they were as long as episode 73 then thats just sad. Again, I respect your choice on your flashes but I'm just kinda disappointed that someone with your talent could throw everything away to do a parody series which on NG is MORE THEN ENOUGH. But you can go that way if you want, I'm not stopping you.

Hate to be the only one

but i found it really boring... sorry

This show suks balls,so make a better one dumbass,

This is completely useless!you need to improve it something like,all of them being killed one by one,maybe getting shot,impaled,the terminator appearing,cuz one of these days,your parody suks!


It gets stupider and funnier every episode!! If you make anothe get his moms monster out there!!

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May 10, 2007
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