The Ricky Ray Show! Ep. 5

May 9, 2007 –
November 4, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

An animation I made about the two things I love most in life, lesbians and boobs.



So this one was kind of amusing there was some decent jokes and some even better ones but it was pretty entertaining and funny the animation itself is pretty decent I like the concept on this one and I will have to check out some of the other work as it's pretty nifty but anyways this was some really good stuff I will have to check out the other episodes and hope you make even more

Some added humore would be nice


I thought this was a tad too long. I just wish there was more setup. It was basically just monotonous. Okay, it was still pretty hot. Dang, do they put starch in those nipples? That can't be healthy.

I admit Sarah isn't that attractive. Well, her boobs are. Uni's hotter. I do love that joke at the beginning. I haven't been keeping up with the other episodes that well.

Jeez I think all the fantasies with the tits and stuff has gone to your head.

can get the number to one of those girls

Just hilarious and erotic at the same time.

This flash was hilariously awesome, especially the lesbian part. One second they were trying not to become dirty, the next second they were locked in a heated make-out session. I loved it.
And hey, I love lesbianism/yurism too!
Casting that aside, this was very hot...
So hot that my eyes are burning.

im gonna put my penis on one of those girls!

That was Fucking Awesome.

i got to say i loved this :)
soooooooo hot and great animation :D

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!


Great Animation!

Tits man

nice man. its been awhile since i've seen this and i forgot that you are a houston local. tits man keep rockin these flashes.

Someone put this masterpiece on Comedy Central!!


this is so funny

"whatever you're thinking in your dirty litle mind is not gonna happen"
That's odd cause everything i was thinking off happened.

keep it up ray

frickin sweet! =D

10 stars 4 U!
Keep makin more please! =D


funny as hell


can i join too?


Lolwaffle FTW!!!


Very funny and sexy ;)


Freaking Funny as hell man


.........................LOL awesome

awesome man

seriusly it was awesome but see I think you should make the lesbein thing like longer because you got to admit basicly we are all perverts seriruisly

my favorite episode

funniest sh** ever!!

Dude you rule.

Why did you stop? :(


God damnit...hey while you guys do it can i watch? lol funny man!

yes lesbians!

you dont get a lot of cartoons with lesbians in it and big boobs thats why im going to give it a ten


thats was to funny and huge boobs


I lvoe the Ricky Ray show I have been watching all of the episodes, they rule HA! and can I say as an English man i would like to agree that boobs and lesbians are the number 2 best things in this world apart from porn oh an Ricky if your reading this then Uni Rules and is cool in her asian way!!


Just lame joke after lame joke, really didn't feel like you were going anywhere with the story, would of been funny if it hand a bit more structure and a bit of originality.
Its like I could tell exactly what was going to happen a minute before it happened.

Too all of the people bitching about no nudity being involved, this is not meant to be sexually arousing, its supposed to be funny.
Although this fails in both categories in my opinion, you can't get mad at him or try to lecture him as Num-Num did, the point was not to make a "anime prono kind of flash" it was to be funny, fuck off and go find your porn somewhere other then a flash website, or better yet, stop beating off to fucking drawings.

its "okay"...but...

you need to do better animation try working on that... do adult feature when making a anime porno kind of flash.
tips for a adult flash movie/game: show breasts,and the vagina. show sex scenes with good animation ang graphics. and add some good music into it (optional for a game flash) if making a movie dont use music only sound effets and talking (dont worry u got that setled :D) and if you do that il give you 10 next time, but im sorry i must hav to rate this 6. dont get affended because your works is great. you just need to work on it thats all :D.

very nice

boooooooobs XP

wat no sex??

i luv boobs jus sho the boob suckin next time k? thnx

Awsome one-liner

Uni's lunchtime threat was hilarious.


hah that was funny but it woldve been better if you showed the lesbo sex haha

Good but.....

I Loved this boobs(who wouldn't) But could you make an ending to #4????


that was fun to watch more bouncing less singing next time lmao :P..american bun bags :D- rofl cool vid make another :P

Boobs is ok ;)

BOOOBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 :3!!! Like this----> / /(o)(o)\ \

Great but

its really funny and i love them sinve there my 2 favorite things too but... you really need to make em a lil more nudeeee


Horray for boobies and hot, steamy lesbian action that we don't get to see! tits great to be a man.

"Speed bumps are the most important part of driving..."

Truer words were never spoken.


i so agree you gotta get them naked


dude u have GOT to get dem bitches naked like ASAP in ur next animation SERIOUSLY!!!!


Why does he always wanna watch?! anyhu,10/10!


That was strangly cool


This was the great animation I saw in the front page Xmas version. And.....the bounciness........was.............won derful.


perversion + comedy, what a combination....cant wait til the next installment

Got to love those speed bump.

Only one thing missig you should of shown those lesbians fucking.


and the lord said let there be speedbumps


I liked it.

tom fulp

give this man a statue!


...put a movie with just the loop of going over the speed bump, it'll pretty much achieve the sam effect as what it is already


I liked it!

-Tiger M


I thought the two girls making out was very hot.


It was very funny but I thought that the asian chick was ricky's girlfreind.

it was cool

U are cool For a nerd (No insult intended) for reasons that are funny and other i bet.


I shall now go watch the rest of the episodes...

just after i see more speed bumps......


That made me smile.

Fairly good.

This is the first flash of the show i've seen, and i already saw one aspect that was best: lesbians with big boobs making out in a nice car. Dunno what's nicer, the car or the girls...

(it's the girls. seriously)

But anyway, i don't think the series itselfs is cool enough to be watched by me. the hot lesbian action was only thing that made it watchable.


<deleted> responds:

LOL what isn't cool enough for a 15 year old? Lol thanks for watching.

Frickin great

Ricky Ray is a pretty funny series

Me like!

Dude, i totally enjoyed this movie man!!


I love boobies.
& I love lesbians.
I think you put the two together quite well my friend ^_^


Wow, I simply love your work! The cartoons are awesome. And the making out part with the two chicks was hilarious. Keep up the excellent work!


It just wasn't as funny as the others. Not everything is perfect though, and you have done plenty of incredibly funny stuff. So I am not too worried.


lmao awesome

LOL so funny!!

that was great. loved the end. Haha, poor naive Ricky. lol. Keep up the good work

cause boobs are so funny?

The flash work is superb. The humor is notably present.

it was ok

there wasn't any thing to really laugh about. It did make me snicker but that was about it. also this became one of those repetitive flashes where it shows nothing but sex and boobie jokes. which is ok as long as you dont plan to make that the entire foundation of the series.


it was good, but not great
just a little more work on the mouthing animations
quite funny jokes though.

I liked it.

I thought tis was pretty well done Flash. You have incredible graphics great voice acting and I thought it was pretty damn funny (a little unclassy but thats what I love about it). It just shows what we houstonians can do.


it was alrightt, i think the guy below me got a lil 2 carried away with this..

<deleted> responds:

I agree.

Very good.

I enjoyed the movie, very funny, the plot went well without it seeming too random, and lesbians. :D
I wish there was a pause button ;)

Very nice, 8/10

Funny as hell

haha nice the little uh uh uh thing everytime they hit a speed bump was annoying


that flash made me laught for at least 20 minutes that was soooo awesome keep it up dood. make sure you make a lot more of these i love it :))


Thats all I have to say.


fukin brill keep em comin ricky ur a ledg


This shit is so funny keep it up

XD...that was great

another great one...keep it up

It was funny

I really liked this episode, but it still wasn't the best. I think you should sway off of the porn stuff just because the Ricky ray show has its own standard. Even so. Very good!

Keep up the good work

I thought it was funny.

I liked it, it was humorous. And if Uni were a real girl, I'd most likely make sweet lesbian love to her as well, especially since she seems to be into bondage. ^-^ Yay! But, I digress, congrats on getting married, and keep up the good work.

Forever yours,

The theme song is annoying as hell.

This series is god awful. The style is ugly, the characters crutch on stereotypes, and all the jokes are just cut and pastes of shit we've heard over and over again.

And flash makers: stop raping "O Fortuna"!!


...very interesting....though i despise this kind of stuff...in cartoon form...but nice drawing..though it did made me have a good laugh


Sooo funny! you've got to do more of these! The only thing i have against them is that I myself am a Christian (abeit a liberal one) ... but these are so funny!!!!!!!


that was so sweet! i love lesbians and boobies!


Well good man i love the ricky ray serious cracks me up mate. good show



very nice cartoon but...it should have been longer i know animation is hard BUT MAKE IT LONGER all in all i like it very nicely done and twisted and perverted and i like that

your comix and toons rok... keep up the good work

This is possibly the best ricky ray animated series that you made so far...
and happy birthday...
sorry i couldn't get it to ya sooner
can't wait for #5

weird alrighty.

it...it had great graphics.

And seriously,if you like lesbians and boobs that's
fine with me.I just don't know why you'd post a
flash about it for millions to see.Seems odd 2 me.

Anyhoo...i give you a 7/10 and 4/5

Fuck Turkeyonastick that was great.

that was great not as good as some of the others but great non the less


Couldn't stand watching this crap. Wasn't well-written enough to be funny, and not extreme enough to be outlandish.

It has the same wit and sexiness as a bloke poking his dick in the bath to see if it twitches, which is probably where the idea for the series was dreamt up from.

Top notch animation

The animation is top notch, though I will agree with the last reviewer that this movie had only one thing going on. Tasteless? Maybe. But this is not and has never been anywhere as tasteful as PBS right? It's why I've been coming here since 1999!


I don't really have anything wrong with it being perverted or anything of the such. But that just seems like all it's got going. Some parts were funny maybe like the first time he looks at her boobs bouncing for a "driving test". But other then that there's a lot of glitz and glamer for what is a bad one line joke. I think if there were more play on the characters like the main character who is desperate for some action as a joke then simply the joke being BOOBS LOLZ! It might be funnier or more interesting. Or less cliche jokes that don't fit (like the zooming out to earth and hearing the stereotypical asian whore-like lady screaming).

However good drawing, looks and sounds pretty professional, this episode just didn't have much else going for it.

Extremely funny

I was kind of confused until I read your comic series which is very funny and I love that you moved it to a flash series, this show has some real potential and would probably make a good late night cartoon on tv.

were you looking at american funbags?

Haha, that was great. Im really not sure what the hell is wrong with all the other people who reviewed this. This flash was funny as hell. my only problem was my speakers suck so I didnt catch to much of the dialogue but not your problem.

oh my.....

that was just perverted with next to no storyline but i guess thats what you were going for. You should really find something more productive with your time instead of drawing stuff that are pratically hentai its really creepy...

<deleted> responds:

Darky-Dark, is that you? LOL you and your crazy multi-profile shenanigans. Oh Darky-Dark/Hrechkaness what would we do without you? Thanks for watching


That was awesome!

gawd just perverted

that was just retarded. big long intro with everything saying it was all made by the same guy and a low attempt to make it look profession by putting (C) in the beginning. like anyone would steal this crap and pass it off as their own. ray just sounds like the biggest nerd and i can just imagine him having the time of his life drawing those dirty picks home alone in a dark room

<deleted> responds:

Um... I've just got married and I have many lights in my apartment. Oh yeah the "(C)" stands for "Copyright" and all animations with artistic content should have one. I have to have one because I sale t-shirts and posters among other content related to the site. Thanks anyways and next time try sounding a little more intelligent when you write your reviews. Thanks for watching!

Super cool!

It wasn't too dirty and it was funny. I don't know what to say, i've seen a lot of perverted crap lately that it's nice to see something with an adult theme but wasn't taken too far.

Nice Job!

The last guy gave you a 6 because it didn't have naked scenes? What a pervert... I thought it was great as it was! If you want porn, look some place else, Azunite! Nice job!

Allmost perfect

If it had naked scenes I would rate it 10.. My cock didn't got bigger, well I'm off to make love with my girlfriend, cause now I really want to see naked Boobs!

Funny stuff

So, I'm not gonna lie, I watch this, was confused, went back and watched the whole series in order, still confused, and finally read the comics, and thank god now I fully get the comedy. Other than that, really good stuff.

One thing I did notice, is I am assuming Sara's boobs were on separate flash layers, well, when they would bounce, it became apparent, because the strap from her shirt wouldn't line up sometimes and the shading on her chest wouldn't match the shading on her breasts.

Or maybe I just spend too much time looking at the boobs...

heh heh

good job man, pretty funny... ill watch the rest some time

Follow the bouncing boobs

Youve taken the animation to the next level on this one, its seemed much smoother and more defined than previous episodes. Hey, and what would you know, im a fan of boobs and lesbians to! The humor was played just right, "I think you should teach her to drive......because...... I'm a dick." Heres hoping the storyline keeps developing in such a complex way.

really good!

dont listen to what those people before me said, its obvios this has nothing to do with your real life other then that you think this is funny. and it is! your animations where reeaaaallllly good, top notch graphics etc. etc. I wont like either, i though it was pretty hot, which sounds really geeky and perverted, but hey, whatever. anyways, good job and keep it up!...no pun intended, or was it?

Sad inf.

Just like the last guy said, a pathetic geek whos must show the world his pathetic dreams about girls he'll never have.

Completely uninteresting

<deleted> responds:

Same to you man. I let my rank and numbers do my talking for me so please get a life of your own rather than bitch about other people's work.

Same as all the others.

Obnoxious nerdy loser uses the power of flash animation to put himself with girls he would never be able to get in real life. It's just pathetic to watch.

<deleted> responds:

Lol out of all the people who love this animations (and if you can read then you know that's a lot of people.) why do people like you think anybody will take your opinion over theirs? Anyways thanks for being mad at somebody you don't even know.


That was pretty funny..& stangely arousing haha. Anyway pretty awsome..hope it gets even awsomer than the whole thing on the next episode


so funny I shit myself....that is all

you got points in inter. . . for humor

dude your funny, keep up the good work


Definitally Funny! Thumbs up.

decent art but wtf at story XD

wow... kill the plot of the previous episode but hide it like a gag so you can do a softcore porn driving lessons episode >.> that's an EPIC story decision right there... all you were missing were some clutch/gearstick innuendos, although I think you made it clear what your interests were in this episode XD

This was funny for like... the first minute... but then the movie itself became the joke rather then any jokes in it. If you're gonna do fanservice at least make an effort for lolz beyond one abused to death gag, and anyone who wasn't too busy getting their sexual frustrations satisfied will agree with me

Mr. Ray, I sallute you!

And to conclude this review I would like to say that if you quit making these I will hunt down and kill you... Well okay not really cuz that would have bad consequences for me and with me living on the ass-end of Europe (look up Bulgaria its close to Turkie and greece) it's going to be expensive finding you not to mention ( starts muffling under his nose)...


Hi is so great... its so great... hahah..


i don't think anyone makes as perverted stuff as you do.... but that what we love about it ;)


This movie perfectly shows what I would do if I had any artist talent, I would break the internet with videos of lesbians and boobs. Good show ol' chap!


It was like the animation was good in all, but the jokes weren't too funny man. Pretty much all you had to it was bouncing boobs. It could've been better, and if you set your mind to it you can make it funnier... I think...


Self-insertion is just creepy. I'm not going to level some inane insults or stereotypes at you, I'm just saying... it's creepy.

The animation itself was pretty cookie-cutter, but decent for the Newgrounds crowd.

I think this was pretty unfunny

Yeah I mean come on, Nice effort with the jokes and all but you really cant rely completely on fan service to get you awards, you just gotta get your head in the game a bit more, k champ?



Hey what are those two doing on my island?

And why haven't I met them? XD Dude you seriously live in Houston or what. This is like the first time I've seen Galveston mentioned on anything here in Newgrounds :P nice job

( . )( . ) 0.0 i like fun bags

yay good one,r u an anime fan?it seems that way


your a pervert lol...good one tho.

Nice Animation but as the previous guy said 2 ..

reviews.. sort of lacks substance.. and im not much for the voice acting atleast the narrator voice needs work, allot of work, even if its intended to sound cheezy, its kind of funny, though the humor is rather very shallow, not that theres anything really wrong with that but yeah. Woman should get a bit mroe respect.

Not to bad

This was some what funny I like the end punchline

For pervert

Well well, i laugh hard on this flash ... i didin't laughed the jokes. Bouncing boobs does not amuse me. I laughed for the only reason that i could not believe my own eyes that somone made a cartoon with himself (the artist) as the main caracter. Plus with the kind girls that he would never lay his hands on! He can't do it in real life so he make a cartoon where "he" could ? Hmph! Stop dreaming! This is just fucking too much narcissistic for me.

The question of the day is : Does every women have enormous bouncing sweating breast ?

Certified made by pervert for pervert.

Ksama ? ^^
The girl who speak Japanese got a small lack in prononciation. I used to listen a lot of japanese anime with subtiles.

Any way ...


lol this was funny :P

Very funny.

Original humor right there. Good job.


How about next time you let us watch?

i loved this movie

wow this was one of the best movies ive ever seen on ng keep the hot girls com... ooops i mean keep the great movies coming


i love your show ^__^... gimmie more!! you guys are so dedicated to making this show...hehe


Animation and pictures were great, sorry but thats abou it. It just felt like there was no substance to this movie.


out of all the ones u made, this was funniest and most entertaining.

OMFG.... Awsome!!!!!

You are the #1 flash creator EVERRRR!!! PLZZ DONT STOP!! >o<

good work

I got a good laugh out of this one, excellent Job on the animation
Keep up the good work

- Wraith

I really don't get this

I mean, no question, it's well made and the animation is sound... but where the hell is the substance? There really is nothing to this series at all except "joke" after "joke" about breasts.

I hate to sound like a whiney bastard and it's my own fault really for even watching it this time but come on man, make some effort. You're just pandering to virgins and idiots with this drivel.


Nice vid man. I live in Humble TX, close to houston =3


haha, this is by far one of the best flash you made compared to the previous ones. Not saying the previous one sucks, it's still good but the quality is getting better and better haha. Make more plz :)


dude i live in houston, specifically kingwood, but its weird seeing a flash with places i know...lol galveston island...so nasty. lol


nice :P

i love it :D


sweet man that was good.
keep up the good work.

That was good

That was funny and erotic at the same time. I gave it a five for the lesbian scene but it was still pretty funny. I can't wait for the next one.

Staring can be fun

That was hilarous that was awesome when Ricky made that one blonde girl ride over the speed bumps and when Uni and that one blonde girl made out it was awwwesome. Can't wait 4 the sixth one.

Ahahaha, that was great

Hey man, continue with this series, i got some good laughs out of it so far.

eh, ok

it was alright, i got some laughs out of it.

Fucking hillarious

Man, after watching this I went and watched every episode you had on here, then checked out your site and ended up reading every issue of your web comic. Keep up the good work man, I think your shit is great. It's in an odd way very crude yet not offensive. I cant wait for the next episode.

decent enough

it would be ok if you didnt have the girl/girls make that noise every time they hit a speedbump it got old really fast and i had to bite my bottom lip at the noise till it got done. other then that it was an ok animation didnt make me laugh like i had planned but decent

Not bad

It was pretty good had some good humor loved the ending to the other epesiode there.

Now on to the guy who revieded eariler themonkeygod or something like that. Is that all your think about anamiated porn wtf is wrong with you.Get a girlfriend and stop blaming every thing because there is not any drawn Sex!


this was so funny that i acutally watched it twice. lol
that was hilarious.


This was terrible. I couldnt have found a better way to waste 5 minutes. When you write your scripts, do you try and think of ways not to be funny? Hell, there werent even any naked tits, do you have class or something? God damn, write something funny.


Lmao that was funny keep up the boobs lesbs and good work

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!


...jesus christ....

what in the fuck...lol




Should have finished episode 4 up rather then just canning it. I checked out your web comic, and this is quite an interesting series you have here. Keep making stuff, and try not lose interest in current works you're doing.

I don't know really.

Some what creative plot, yet a somewhat "not good but not bad" impression of it. Cause you did just cut of a episode from earlier wich was creative and such, for a episode with lesbians. And i don't like the thougt of leaving stuff undone. Anyhow, i noticed that you changed your graphics more or less,concerning the eyes. Alot of more er.. "white spots" if i may call it something as such. Overall ~ This could have been better if you finished off the last episode and didnt just do a cut off. Even if its not that intresting, If you start something, you might as well finish it. Else you might as well just stop doing every project and leave em all half done and not caring more for em.

Oh god... I love speed bumps...

The world needs more speed-bumps. Enough said.

hot =p

man those boobs where awesome good graphics though


It was great. Didn't make me pass-out laughing, but it did keep me entertained. And no, i'm not just saying that because of the lesbians.......well.

haha wow it almost had a plot

that was great and all, but it seems like your kinda indecisive about what your trying to do here. its like it started off with a story, but then just abandoned that for "funbags". and not to say that wasnt great and all, it just seems like, if your gonna do a cartoon with plot, do that, and if your gonna do animated lesbian porn, do that. dont attempt a plot, and stick in softcore lesbian action. and if your gonna go in that direction, show some skin, man! your audience is filled with people dying to see those funbags in the nude! but overall, the animation is pretty good, and the idea is decent. make some more.

oh and one little thing: the weird squeaking sound the girls made with the speedbumps sounded really weird after a while. try making multiple recordings of things like that so it doesnt sound too repetitive.

Funny but

Why didn't you get in to the action with the women? Its your show, you can do what you want lol.


Lesbians, religous confrintations, big boobs, and confusion. Where would we be without the 4 keys to animation (proboly in another stone age). I say, you are the king of the 4 (as far as I know of, at the moment) and you deserve an award! Lol, but I found ur intire series funny, easy to follow, and a lvl 2 erotic short. Not bein perverted, but the guys would have loved to see some major action, yea! I hope your career goes well.


you should show girlz pu$$y and asses k thx and nice flash

go lesbians!!!

that was so hot its cool but can you tell me how to make a flash

"You know how bad I am with speed bumps"

Pure classic, couldn't get enough of this episode lol. Graphics and style were awesome, cause that's just how all your movies are! I lol'd during this episode a lot, and the sound helped a lot in that lol. This was well worth the wait for the download, and I'll keep watching your movies to look for more of this ^_^. Keep it up!


graphics: GREAT. The animation was flawless, you are very talented.
style: It was a huge mix of different influences, and i enjoyed the characters.
sound: Perfect.
Violence: None. That was fine. Violence is easy drama.
Interactivity: I gave it a four cause there was a play button, but that's about it. Which is fine. Cause it's a movie (although this could be a really weird game).
Humor:....eh. I didn't really find it funny. The boob jokes got kinda old really fast. There were a lot of other places where you could've crammed in a lot of seriously funny stuff, but you didnt.
Overall: I gave it a 6. There was obviously a lot of hard work put into this, but overall I found it more perverted than funny. But that's just me.


Loving the end joke. And a couple of the visuals. Could probably squeeze more joke into something that long but well worth the watch! Keep up the good work!

Tits are win.

Tits = win
Asian Tits = Bigger Win
Big Asian tits together with another girls tits = ULTRA WIN.

Good job my friend.

Not funny.

This is a pathetic attempt at humor.
The watch girls tits rather then doing what you're supposed to bit, is amazingly over used... and um... well actually there weren't any other jokes in it.
Just make porn or something, rather then making unfunny almost pornogrphic animation like this.

Also, too many scene changes with the little theme song jingle.

Hee hee hee...

Good Lord, that was some funny stuff. It sounds like something my friends would do if they had the chance. I'll give it a 4.


ahhh....good show..good show


lol...nice stuff...realy nice stuff...

I'm speechless....

mostly... this was funny as hell. Boobs, speedbumps, girl-on-girl.... Awsomeness to teh extreme! 5/5

Dude, that was awesome!

After I watched that I just couldn't stop laughing, that was really good.





very well animated and voiced. thats the best thing i can say about this flash. also the characters were likeable.
NOW for the bad stuff. the humor was weak and the boobs jokes were focused on so much that they felt more perverted and creepy than funny and hot. seriously man, you cant have an episode that long be simply about boobs. it doesnt fucking work. my advice, dont look at porn before you write your next script. the results have already proven catostophic. Your gonna want to work on your humor, and i cant think of any way to do that except watching some classic comedies for ideas. good luck on the next one man.

I agree with Afro Ninja...

Afro Ninja is right, but I don't think that the episodes are long enough to get mad about an entire episode being based on tit jokes, it was kinda funny and was entertaining for a few minutes.


That shit was funny as hell. and it's so true when your giving a hot big tit chick driving lessons, the most important lesson to go over speed bumps lots and lots of speed bumps.


Yeah, I get it, they have TITS. Big, floppy, boobs. You can swing a couple jokes off the idea but not a whole episode. You can draw great graphics, you could make an awesome series, but instead you just soak up the attention from the horny 12 year olds.

This is the only episode I've seen, I hope this isn't an entire series full of boob and sex jokes : /

Excellent... so very... very excellent

Clearly, your in depth study of the viewers demands has revealed an ultimate formula for getting on the front page of Newgrounds...
Boobs + Lesbians = Awesome

But yeah, pretty funny, very good animation, glad to see it on the front page instead of another poorly done collaboration. Cheers.

<deleted> responds:

SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Don't give it away!

Funny as hell

Very funny animation. got me to watch all the episodes lol.

<deleted> responds:

All the episodes you say? Even the super secret master hidden super cool Episode that I have never shown anybody... even myself? You are a true fan.


i always wait for rick ray show, its just so awesome

<deleted> responds:

Well you'll have more to wait on in less time! Soon we'll be posting an animation once a month.

cooooool lol

good animation and sound yet the "uh" part was a little repititive.

i too love hot lesbians and boobs lol

<deleted> responds:

lol I have no idea how that got in the script but I agree. The word "uh" is so much more funny on paper though.


The graphics were super
The style was alright
The audio was fair
The humor was interesting

Low brow stuff yet entertaining.


<deleted> responds:

I'm going to take that as a good thing... right?

HA take that christian morals

Awsom movie had me laughing the whole way. I wish i had a hot friend who needed to learn driving. geat job on the whole series keep it up

<deleted> responds:

Don't we all, don't we all?

Yes this is great!!!!!!

This is great keep it going! ricky ray rocks

<deleted> responds:

Yes, I do rock.


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3.80 / 5.00