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Pico visits the Graveyard

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Long time ago. Because of lack of flash interest. Every time I started a project. I just lost the will to finish it.

So, in an attempt to do something new and something that were so short, that I didn't have time to lose interest, came this!

Go to my website to see the lost easter egg. Not that it was lost, it just didn't work with the movie. So I uploaded it seperatly to my own site since it would die on NG by itself :)

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It's like


So this was pretty entertaining I like the idea of this and like the whole concept you have some good ideas and this was a nifty design of charchter work especially the pic character animation was smooth a very nice toon here as for improvement I would just say make more of this like a series or something it has really good potential to be a series of some sort

You should make a series out of this


I admit that was pretty funny for a short cartoon. Hasn't this been done before? Wasn't there a "Going Down To Newgrounds" thing that was like this? Well, a cartoon version at least. The ending is quite satisfying. Aww, you were so short for Pico Day!

I'm glad you submitted it. I thought that was a pile of crap at first. It was just dirt. Well, we did get pee later. The premise is nice.

Dum but funny.

Same as above.

wasent the commentry the easeregg?!?!?!?

if it isint whats ur website id like to see the easter egg bet its great! ke apple pie! :)