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PSE Factory

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Author Comments

This game is the submission I made with Lula to the « Permis de protéger » PSE Serious Game contest 2007.

Here’s a quick translation of <how to play> :
- Pack the objects with PSE (expanded polystyrene).
- Do not let the containers overflow.
- Use the arrow keys to move.
- Use the space-bar to activate the levers and to engage the distribution arrows.

Have fun and don't forget to submit your score!

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Atien responds:

di bi di bi do wha !

uh... did i win?

Atien responds:

Do you know the concept of Game & Watch? Or highscore maybe?

Err...not bad

I didn't like it that much because it was a bit too simple to play. Thank you for the author comments which showed the instructions written in English. I don't even know what weird language this was originally in. The best thing was probably the graphics, which are pretty good, now that I think about it. What it does lack is some music, but at least it managed to have sound effects. I had no idea what I was doing, but I seemed to be doing it well at least.

You could have also put more detail in the form of a background. Just having blank white space never looks good. The transition and animation effects are pretty nice too, especially with how the bubbles rise. You have the potential for more creative work, just work on it. I do in fact want my games to not be that hard, but they should also be challenging.

Well not too bad...

It was an all around okay game with an understandable objective.

cool one

that was a pretty nice game. could've used some audio, but the game itself was quite fun to play, nice graphics in it and it was a decent time killer.