Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 3

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Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 3 is now out! You may be thinking I took too long. But I had some other stuff to do in life. Now for the hardest part of the game!

***THE RPG***

Attack - Normal Damage to enemy
Heal - Uses 50MP to heal 200HP
Sacrifice - Use 100HP and 100MP to cause 200+ damage!
Slide Kick - Damage the enemy a little. But recover 120MP!
Flash Dash - Use MP to deal great damage. But not as good as sacrifice

There is a way to beat him. But you have to figure it out yourself. Because it's easy! =D

Well I hope you enjoy this and review. The best reviewer will be announced in my next flash movie. Cheers!


Not bad....

Not bad where u get those background?????? i liked the RPG it was fantastic, and easy

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...Once again...

You have done well with this one, although I still think the first one was better, and I'm not just saying that because you're the head admin on STF. This one was quite well done, and...can't...think...damn...g ah...see you 'round on STF.

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i like it i like it

if you ever need help with thinking of moves or characters id be glad to try and help


w00t. Now, THAT is what i call a Sonic Cosmic Dimensions Game and Movie. How do you do that. I mean, come on. Somebody must've beenhelping you. BTW, that is way cool.

P.S. I have a wish. Can i maybe suggest another sprite character in the Sonic Cosmic Dimensions series??? ?=I(Now, i'm just asking. If you don't want to, then fine with me)


DUDE U PLAY MAPLESTORY I DO 2 IM AT KHANI MY NAME IS Longsword98 dude im lvl 12 magician at Kerning City right now.hey this should be rated teen theres that major blood when exodus killed head town.howcome roy's plane looks like a subway train and lord shadow's plane look familiar from a game?i like it though big fan of this series,and in chapter 2 why did blade kill the robot and there was blood?or was that red slime because robots dont have blood dont say i dont like this flash its awesome

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4.10 / 5.00

May 9, 2007
6:54 AM EDT