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Mouse War

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May 8, 2007 | 2:45 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a music video that I tried to make more serious than other animations of mine.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Beauty in simplicity

Well done. War is as old as mankind, and will, unfortunately, continue to exist as long as mankind exists.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


the graphics, perfect the moral of the story, inspiring and just everything about it made me think thank you. and the person who posted b4 me (Machacker200) i am aitheiest because the ideal of heavan or 'paradise' is okay with me but the fact that we need to go to a building, pray, preform a cerimony and all that other crap just to get in it sounds like what you need to do to get into a rave lol so if god really wanted us to do all that he doesnt sound like the kinda guy i would want to be stuck with for all eternity.

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If only the truth WAS what most people say, that we could live without war. If everyone cooperated, yes, we could live without it. But the sad, ironic, hostile truth is, there will always be war. War. What an ugly word. It means suffering, hurting. It means fear and anger. War. This world is filled with it. Intertribal distrust in Africa.. Religious civil wars in the MidEast.. Even here, in America, a political war rages on. It tears people apart, figuratively and literally. Acts of terrorism shake the world to its core. Massive killings rip people's emotions apart. There will always be war. Always. It hurts. There will always be people who oppose other nations. Terrorists, free motive groups, or just protesters. These people take no reasoning. Always. Even in the midst of all this dismal gloom, in the smoky fog of war, a single soldier's heart will beat for the name of justice. These soldiers are my heroes. They know they may be killed. They know that it's tough out there. Snipers, anti-personnel mines, tanks, machine-gun nests, sometimes, even nuclear strikes. No problem. For them, it's their duty to stand up and fight for the freedom of their community, their country, their world. War. Acts of cowardly terrorism. And acts of justice. All of these things mingle together in every drop of blood spilled. War. WAr. War. It's ugly, ugly. But, when Christ Jesus, the Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, returns once again to this old forsaken earth, it WILL end. War, and ultimately, evil, will cease to exist. And we can free our tired, weary souls from this heartbreaking earth into God's holy, loving hands. Forever.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I see...

“Great thing, sad thought... Something about the last pictures in this film tuched me, it was so...
orginal... i dont think that movie would have an easy way out of my head...”

“Feel sorry for the poor mummy mouse (hamster) for bein dead. Shame that the baby mouse (hamster) won't have a female role model anymore and will probably grow up with a supreme lack of respect for female mouses (hamsters)”

“Whats the name of the song playing?”

“So touching..This flash is sooooo nice
I thank you for making this...It really moved me
I even wiped a tear while watching this.


“like the previous guy said this is very moving. i broke down after watching this flash and that happens once in a blue moon for me. keep em going your message is being sent in 1 of the most clearest ways ive seen”

“Message: war has made the earth hell, and i think that most of the world's problems would be gone it we could listen to rodents. But humans are dumb, and they think that just because their small, they're insignificant.”

0_o I can't take it!

Ok i'll admit, I first watched the movie without any sound, ya know, just to see the visual captivity without auditorial bias. (Why? Im experimental.) I couldnt figure out why everyone was breaking down; left and right. Like a wet floor in a subway station. Then I came back a week later, looked it up and watched it with sound. When the music started, :) ahah!... two words: controlled emotion. Knowing why certain emotional q's effect you. I knew it had to be that female singer, mankind just seems to lean toward our childbearers, like they have more charisma. Or maybe it was the image of the guitar player, the mental image of a guy, stroking the strings of his instrument, phallically displaying his masterful talent as we unskilled and 'ungifted' ;P subordinates look on. Seriously, I havent even jumped into the frey of flash making nor art contests or what not... but I fear for the fact that I don't possess 'it.' 'It' being the trait(s) that would make whatever I create: beautiful, to mankind. You seem to have it. Take a guess at what it may be, but remember, it must be true, or it wont apply to me, or anybody for that matter. Once I've got the skill, the praises and compliments will come like a morning shower, sweet, refreshing and encouraging. May I find it, as it is my dream. Let me experience impetus glory.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


like the previous guy said this is very moving. i broke down after watching this flash and that happens once in a blue moon for me. keep em going your message is being sent in 1 of the most clearest ways ive seen

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