Mouse War

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This is a music video that I tried to make more serious than other animations of mine.


People look too into this movie

ok so far people have either been praising this movie as great because it shows the evils or war, and then others are cursing this movie saying that it is just another anti-war short and lacks all originality......
I mean I liked it only because it was some what good but I think if you really have a feeling against a war that is going on right now you should make it more obvious. If you were going for total open hatred for all war and though this film did well, then sadly no it did nothing of the kind.
In the beginning there was no sound which I liked, because at first I thought my loader screwed but soon it chimed in.
After the music loaded you see soldiers shooting at men crying and what appeared to be begging not to be shot...well that I didnt like because you make it look like in all wars, its one-sided and the stronger just comes in killing those that ask not to be killed. Very pushy in the anti-war views....sorta stupid
last thing that pissed me off was the fact that the terrain was just a horizon with nothing...just green and then you go from green to sand.....I dont know just seemed alittle misplaced but good effort.
people give too much care to this movie and all need to relax, The author didnt make any straight views in either way, so we cant chastise him for his views, when you really have no idea what they are. over all good try but needs a whole lot more work!

It was okay,

But mice can't cry.


Some of the frames were nicely done, but I just can't take it seriously.

It was alright.

I think the work itself was relatively well done but honestly I get very sick of all the simpletons who just spew "war=bad" all the time like its some kind of party line. There is more to life and the world than the simple candy-land precedent everyone gets banged into their heads in elementary school. Wars happen for a reason, usually because no one had the willpower to do anything about a problem when they first had the chance.

That being said, I do feel the video was a little short, and labeling this as some piece on "the evils of war" or what have you is probably its biggest mistake, it lacked an element of realism and believability due to both its landscape in the first portion of it and the actions in the latter part.


I rarely give a ten, but that was very good.

I cant stand war myself... its all just messed up.
You triggered emotions in me though, well done.

sending this to all my freinds

im a republican and for bush. but the war in iraw has gotta stop yo

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May 8, 2007
2:45 AM EDT
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