MK vs. SF 3

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MK vs SF 3. See part 2 if you haven't. Most likely the final one of the series.

- you can play with the symbols in the load screen
- graphic intensive
- best viewed with IE (than Firefox)


awesome fucking job!

i 10 all three! this series is amazing to watch being such a big MK and SF fan! thee effects are fucking sweet,for being all animation for the games it is super fluid! i have watched them all at least 5 times and these wont be the last time i do.

keep it up and bring on some more!

Big fan Uncle C

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Once again...

My friend, you've created another masterpiece into your collection of wonders. Your talent of sprites have made me a fan for only your works, and definitely puts others to shame. Your creativity and vivid imagination brought you this creation of fantasy with a vibrant display of colors and an ingenius storyline to boot. Hell, the pre-loader itself made me excited. The fight scenes in the previous two were amazingly well done, but this installment.. just blew me away. I'm still taking all this in since your flash literally stunned me. It's a shame that you're thinking of throwing in the towel on this project, as I can easily see its popularity among the NG community. I can safely say that you're one of the few flash artists that I actually check to see any updates on flash submissions, as your work is truly mind blowing. If my words can persuede you into continuing the series, then by all means heed my words and continue on, since I know there's so many people dying to know what happened to the other SF'ers like Ken and Chun-li that were introduced in the first, or if Ryu ever came back to his dimension with Gouki. There's so many possibilities for this story to lead into, and with your talent, can easily push this into any direction. But, if you truly believe that it has reached its limits then it seems like this blockbuster of flash has reached its end. Thank you so much for submitting this series to NG, and for keeping the crossovers of the SF and MK universe alive. It's truly been a pleasure watching your fantastic works of art, and i'm sure your friends and family are proud of you. You have made a huge impact on the sprite world and I hope others will follow in your footsteps. Once again, thank you for your hard work and unbelievable magic that has created one of the best sprite movies for years to come.

Take care.. and long live MK vs. SF


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Awesome... Wow... AMAZING

'Sex Slave', and I was like WHAT???
Theen it was BOOM!!! Ki-POW ZZZH PUNCK KICK, RAGING DEMON!!!!! man. you are fucking amazing... heh the ending was kinda corny, but it was pretty cool. This is... You just keep on doing your thang, man, cause, i dont know anyone who's better at this...

The Best

It is the best on Newgrounds for me! Even though its copyrighted to Warner and Capcom I really don't care! The graphics, the style, the animation is perfect! I feel sorry for you cause you really should have got a better score for this. You've inspired not just me but the world! Thank you! You should be proud of this and well done!

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It looks awesome, the action is good, it shows what both MK and SF can do but...
I agree with a few others, MK fighters aren't pushovers, neither is SF but I think it should have been les one sided. anyways, it was cool to see the characters all look good and the rest of the art looks good too.....

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May 7, 2007
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