MK vs. SF 3

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MK vs SF 3. See part 2 if you haven't. Most likely the final one of the series.

- you can play with the symbols in the load screen
- graphic intensive
- best viewed with IE (than Firefox)


For fuck's sake i'm sick and tired of seeing SF winning all the time!!! >:d
Why is everyoane thinking that SF is better than MK?
Just because the first SF was released several years before the first MK that doesn't mean that SF is the best.That's like saying that Pong is the best game ever made just because it's the first successful one.
It's a know fact that MK is overall better than SF.
Better gameplay,better characters,better plot,better game engine....................AND FATALITIES.
There are 21 MK games,and 16 of them are unique.
How many unique games SF has?
The guys at Capcom just release updates of the same game each year.
Heck,the first 2 SF main games where released before the first MK.
SF3 was released in 1997,and SF4 was released in 2008.
The first MK was released in 1992,and since that happened we got 8 other main MK games.
And we are preparing for MK10.
How many main games of SF we got while since SF2??
Plus,MK redefined it's genre.
Instead of shitty fighting like in SF2 we got digitized sprites of real actors in the first MK,which made it look almost real.
Not to mention the coolest thing in video game history,THE FATALITY.
That's why we have th ESRB nowdays.
How can a fighting game do better than that.?
Fighting means violence and the fatality means violence.
This is why people play fighting games.To destroy their enemy.
And that's what we want to see in a fighting game,not the shitty moves from SF.
Would you have Ryu's "How-token",or Scorpion's GET OVER HERE!????
While MK and SF faded away at the end of the 90's,other fighting games like Tekken took their place.
True,MK wasn't that great in the last decade,maybe because John Tobias's departure,maybe that's why we got shitty characters like Mokap or Meat,but SF hasn't been doing good either.
But after MK9 was realesed,can you still say that SF is better??
Play that game.Really,it's better than anything SF has ever did.
Oh,and did you noticed that the latest main game in SF is SF4,while in MK there is MK9?
And next year we'll get MK10.
And who are the coolest characters of SF?
Ryu,Ken,Akuma.Just some shitty karate guys.
Who are the coolest characters of MK?
Shao Khan,one of the coolest villains in video game history,the conqueror of worlds.
The infernal ninja Scorpion.
The cold blooded Sub Zero.
SF was good in the early 90's,but that was a long time ago guys!!!!
Just accept the fact that MK is superior to SF.
I DARE YOU to tell me where SF is superior to MK.
SF has shitty plot,shitty characters,and shitty gameplay compared to now days's MK.
Plus,the guys who make SF are the laziest game makes in the world.
They just keep updating a game made 6 years ago like it will last forever,while with MK we are getting unique,new games.
Oh,and how the fuck Chameleon got killed????
True,i don't like that guy at all,but how the hell two karate guys defeated the guy that has every power of every ninja in MK?????????
I'm giving this 3.5* just because the fighting scenes are awesome,but the ending was just retarded.
Also that "sex slave" thing didn't helped too much either.
As i remember Shao Kahn isn't gay.
In fact,he "stole" the wife of a guy he brutally killed and that wasn't the only thing he took away from him,HE TOOK HIS FUCKING WORLD.
Compare Shao Kahn to M.Bison.
Who is better?
Bison is just stupid.
Also killing Scorpion in the previous episode was a bad move.
Everything from SF sucks when compared to MK.
In fact,3* stars should be enough for this mess.
MK is better than SF.Just accept the cold hard truth.

there needs to be a finish to this what will happen next this was the best ive see in a long time im working on right now as we speak nut I like to see you finish the series this was intense bravo!

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Since it's on NG, it's the best animation that's ever been on there.

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No matter how many times people say SF is better, I will always like MK more.

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