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School Madness 2

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It worked fast and smooth on my CPU on high quality, but it will probably be a good idea to change quality to low.
...Or even download it and then watch it.
The reason it's based on movie clips is because of the sound problems. Could have done it better, but it's too late now to change it. (That's why stopping the movie doesn't work)

I'd like to explain one thing. I am aware of the school shooting that took place in the US lately, and I understand that many of you won't find this movie funny. Even though the plot is much more insane now.
But I've started to work on this in early fall, so there was no way I could just give it up. In my country even owning a gun is forbidden, so thing like that are unheard of.
We, my class and my school, find it funny. If some of you won't - I understand. But in that case just don't watch it or focus on the action.

Don't give me hints about animation, I already know what I should improve. I'm not very proud of this movie, I'm ashamed of the 1st one. Man, that was crap.

Oh yeah, watch the orignal Madness if you didn't do it already.

And enjoy.

EDIT : Frontpage! Daily 3rd! Yay, thanks!


Make a part 3

Will you not make a part 3? please.......

I think it was....

Well, not as good as krinkels, but hey, its great. BD


Awesome killing that a very good video

It Owned!

hey that was an awsome movie another great (and legendary) Madness episode it was cool im not telling u to improve on stuff but i just dont like the music i am aware of that bull crap school shooting (hint#1 give it up its BS) enjoy it and stop bitchingon how its bad for you NEWGROUNDS IS BAD FOR U but we dont complain now do we anyways.....good job overall man keep up the good work oh and a another hint (hint#2 peopl like the co-op feature in flashes maybe ur next should have like a zombie extertion in a haunted house or sumthing and they go in and its like 50,00000,00000,000 zombies and a zombie boss (its just a suggestion u dont have to listen to me its ur flash have fun with it laterz.)

that was awsome i think it is as good as the original madness films and why do you keep saying there bad they really well done show off what madness is and its just awsome im defintally giving this 5 stars and plz make more you have a great future is the madness seris also great music fits well with the film

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4.17 / 5.00

May 7, 2007
6:09 PM EDT