E! Bin Laden

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Yeah. I jumped on the Bin Laden wagon. Fuck me.


its good

though i think no one likes to see a imag of the crashes agen


alright this is like the funniest shit on ng and i love it

I like this movie, but...

I like this movie, but I hate looking at all this osama stuff.
This movie is great with alot of great animation. I would like to see even more form this guy.

kicked ass, and hilairious

It was great man, i like his small penis watchin porn, that was funny! and i liked the ending when he had the cone in his ass, and was hung by his... waiste? but it was funny when he was dropped on his head by his father, funny, but it was kinda funny and kinda not funny when it said he molested his children, that crap really goes on, even tho im not molested, i know about it! THE TV DOESNT LIE! but anyway, it was really great, not much violence, and interactivity because its not a game, but it was funny and great! i give it 1.5 thumbs up!

brilliant...... truly

Stamper you are definatly one of the biggest names in the NG portal..... youre the only one i know. Even though you only have 3 videos that seem to be popular... they are quite unforgetable. Like street life... i frist started visiting the portal on oocation sometime over a year ago and that was one of the first videos i ever saw... and i havent forgot it yet. I go though phases of about 2 or 3 week long periods of visiting the portal... they come ever 3 or 4 months. i remember my last one you took all the videos off. That sucked cause i was trying to show a friend street life. you wonder why that video gets such high ratings... well look at all the other shit that people put into the portal. There are alot of horrible videos out there and even though you might feel street life could have been better when you compare it to all the other shit out its really not bad. You have talent. You have a sense of humor. If i had a mic or the program tomake these videos i would probably make some good movies, cause it pisses me off when people put shit into the portal thats not even worth watching. by the way..... i drew some pictures and put them on the internet. alot of people are disgusted by them but im sure youll like them ( i can tell by the fda sticker on the TV from keeblur and the cone up bin ladens ass) they are at www.angelfire.com/ak5/nationof sodomy if you go sign the guestbook. you are a person i would like to hear back from

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3.93 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2001
1:28 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Weekly Users' Choice November 29, 2001
  • Daily Feature November 23, 2001