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Edit: Frontpage!
Tom, you made my day...no my entire week!
I'm aware that there are a few bugs, I'm planning on resubmitting a new and bug-free version in the next few months...thanks for all of your support!

-Surrounded v 1.0-
This is the main project I've been working on for the past few months.
Controls are included in the game.
A few things to know/tips:

-The charge shot attack is strong at the beginning but it is actually weaker than the stronger weapons you buy. It is meant to be a "helper" at the beginning of the game.
-At the end of each level, health is restored.
What upgrades do:
-Weapons: Allows you to buy a stronger main gun.
-Shield: Adds hp to your shield, the blue thing. Your shield regenerates and takes damage before your health. Cherish it!
-Health: The green thing, the majority of your health points. Upgrading this gives you more points.
-Control: Upgrading this increases your turning speed, acceleration, and maximum speed. To avoid some enemies it is a must later in the game.
-Armor: Divides all damage of enemies by a certain number. The maximum amount of armor, for instance, divides all enemy damage by two- this is the same as doubling your health and shield. A very useful upgrade.




You should really fix the bugs and make a part 2. But still, by far the single greatest game i've played online, EVER!

Great game, but with a few minor glitches

In level 13 the first spikey ship can't be destroyed unless you let it hit you, recover your shields and repeat until it's done, I leave it last so there aren't other ships shoting at me.
In level 15 it didn't end when I killed the last ship.
And the music stops after a few levels.
The music was great, but the rest of the sounds could be better.
The style and gameplay are excellent, and I hope that you fix the bugs so that the game can be more enjoyable.

Sound effects

Where did you get the sound effect for the "Play" button

All These Downraters

What's wrong with you people? This is an awesome game, and i don't like such a great game being dissed, did you try lowering the quality? Maybe you people's computers run slow with this game, either way you should NOT blam this...

great but theres a glitch...

on the level after the level where the 3 paired up ships come up the last ship is invincible even ramming into it doesn't work.pealse fix it

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3.66 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
2:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight