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Edit: Frontpage!
Tom, you made my day...no my entire week!
I'm aware that there are a few bugs, I'm planning on resubmitting a new and bug-free version in the next few months...thanks for all of your support!

-Surrounded v 1.0-
This is the main project I've been working on for the past few months.
Controls are included in the game.
A few things to know/tips:

-The charge shot attack is strong at the beginning but it is actually weaker than the stronger weapons you buy. It is meant to be a "helper" at the beginning of the game.
-At the end of each level, health is restored.
What upgrades do:
-Weapons: Allows you to buy a stronger main gun.
-Shield: Adds hp to your shield, the blue thing. Your shield regenerates and takes damage before your health. Cherish it!
-Health: The green thing, the majority of your health points. Upgrading this gives you more points.
-Control: Upgrading this increases your turning speed, acceleration, and maximum speed. To avoid some enemies it is a must later in the game.
-Armor: Divides all damage of enemies by a certain number. The maximum amount of armor, for instance, divides all enemy damage by two- this is the same as doubling your health and shield. A very useful upgrade.



Its ok

I like it but you should like give it different modes or like give you more time to kill the enemies and get upgrades and stuff.

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the enemies fly at you way too fast

also the option to use the mouse to aim and fire would be great

Very good...

I like it a lot. High customisability, simple and cool graphics and good gameplay. If shooting was mouse-controlled the game would be perfect.

good at the start

It was good at the start till I found many glitchs like if you use the specail you can knock the other ships out of the red bar and they wont come into it becaues they bounce off of it from the outside

There was also the sound problem if you kill alot of ships in 1 blast your sound stops working even if I push m

also the the forth ship gose faster then bullets so you cant die

and a boss or no limits would be better then hiting the wall and geting hit by 100s of bullets makes you lag so bad you cant play or makeing internet exp not respond and you get hit with so many bullets becaues you cant out run them

There is also the problem of the mines they can go as fast as you even if you upgrade your ship and speed to

last and really anoying problem is that if you bank into the wall with the fastest ship well shooting you go in the wall and die

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Ecks Dee

Hah stupid people saying the ship loses control easily

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3.66 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
2:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight