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Edit: Frontpage!
Tom, you made my day...no my entire week!
I'm aware that there are a few bugs, I'm planning on resubmitting a new and bug-free version in the next few months...thanks for all of your support!

-Surrounded v 1.0-
This is the main project I've been working on for the past few months.
Controls are included in the game.
A few things to know/tips:

-The charge shot attack is strong at the beginning but it is actually weaker than the stronger weapons you buy. It is meant to be a "helper" at the beginning of the game.
-At the end of each level, health is restored.
What upgrades do:
-Weapons: Allows you to buy a stronger main gun.
-Shield: Adds hp to your shield, the blue thing. Your shield regenerates and takes damage before your health. Cherish it!
-Health: The green thing, the majority of your health points. Upgrading this gives you more points.
-Control: Upgrading this increases your turning speed, acceleration, and maximum speed. To avoid some enemies it is a must later in the game.
-Armor: Divides all damage of enemies by a certain number. The maximum amount of armor, for instance, divides all enemy damage by two- this is the same as doubling your health and shield. A very useful upgrade.



Adheres a little too strictly to formula.

Graphics: Cool glowy neon ships. Kinda dull generic starfield. Shop menu looks cool, but that curve-slider, while cool, is annoying to use repeatedly while window-shopping.

Style: Classic arcade gameplay meets contemporary flash design! Actually, that's a polite way of saying they remade an old Atari game with vector graphics and added a levelling mechanic. Oh well, it still presents itself with pizzaz.

Sound: Understated shooting, check. Meaty explosions when you kill an enemy off-screen, check. Pulse-pumping techno soundtrack? Ch... hey... where'd the music go? Enjoy it while it lasts. It doesn't loop, for some reason.

Violence: Wow, I remember when blowing up spaceships was the most horrific thing a 12-year-old could do with his time.

Interactivity: This is where it goes straight down the tubes. Those stationary turret games offer more diverse gameplay than this. I would have prefered mouse aiming and directional movement controls (including diagonal movement.) But instead we get racecar steering and a straight shot turret.

The problem with this control scheme is, all gameplay essentially boils down to "fly really fast in one direction until all the ships have spawned, then turn 180 degrees and shoot parallel to your exhaust stream." Absolutely any other action you take will either get you rammed by a mine-ship that just spawned or shot up by gunships at point-blank before you can turn and face them.

The tacked on shopping menu neccessary before Armor Games will even consider sponsoring you these days looks pretty, but that novelty curve slider gets old REAL fast, because after the first few levels, everything you could even consider buying is off-screen when you enter the shop. If it just removed bought items from the list, the next thing you're gonna buy would ALWAYS be on top, and the slider could be an interesting but little-used diversion for oggling the stuff you can't buy yet. As it is, the further you advance, the more annoying it is to try and window-shop.

I can't speak to the overall powerup VS enemies balance, because I got tired of shooting my own exhaust smoke after a few levels. Don't get me wrong, I am willing to perform the same stupid task over and over again for hours in order to level up. But the stupid task has to be something fun. Defend Your Castle was fun because the stupid task was fun. Shooting my own exhaust just doesn't do it for me.

Overall: Another pretty flash game brought to its knees by boring gameplay. It sure gives a good first impression, though. Maybe it just wasn't for me. Thanks for making it, though. I look forward to seeing what else you can make.

A game should be challenging, fair, and complex. This game isn't fair if you're flying slow enough to actually see the enemy, and it's not challenging if you're flying fast enough to stay outside the perimeter. It certianly has complex components, but these get simplified when they are abstracted away to tiny dots on your radar 90% of the time.

Maybe I was playing it wrong. But when I tried playing it any other way, I would always lose 90% of my shield in one hit from a mine-ship.

Cool concept

Really fun gameplay, nice music, slick menus smooth aimations and all.

I would add the backward trust, but that's just me. Aside from that, a few gliches, especially with the boss, the charged shot go right through it. Also, the regular shot seem to follow ship movement but the charged shot didn't. Maybe something to look into.

Great work, just in need of a few fine tunings

Good game with a couple issues

Major bug: I was in Level 15 (I believe) and no more enemies would appear, and no menu came up, thus ending my game.

Until then, though, a fun little game. Addicting and with increasing difficulty, and fun to boot.

One suggestion - the mouse cursor is distracting during gameplay, especially since it has no use (despite LOOKING like a crosshairs).


This game's got a few to many bugs, as after level 10 they start to become very annoying as sometimes you must sacrifice yourself to finish a level and then the ship will become invisible, making the aiming very hard. Please fix the bugs and update this game.

Sound effects

Where did you get the sound effect for the "Play" button

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3.66 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
2:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight