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Global warming Caveman

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Author Comments

OK here is another comment and let me know what would make it better or what exactly sucks about it.

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That was pretty funny. I liked it when the other caveman started talking about other killer things. But I still don't get the point however.

nice flash, jackass

-first of all, cavemen didn't live at the same time as dinosaurs "flintstones style"
-secondly, global warming will cause a dramatic rise in cancer over the next twenty years, so it is something that "will start killing us now"
-cancer counts as a disease
-melting ice caps will cause a flood
-terrorism would kill less people than flooding, cancer, and crop shortages (which leads me to my next point)
-crop shortages count as famine
-and the warmer temperature would promote bacterial growth, which is (guess what?) disease

jesuschristcartoon responds:

First of all the flintstones was an awesome show

Secondly I dont know what link there is between cancer and global warming is,
but indoor air pollution from Radon 222 is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind only cigarette smoking but since there is no movie or book no one talks about it

The melting of the ice caps would cause the roaring seas to rise 20 inches Al Bore but have misread his cue card but it is not feet it is inches

Terrorism is a preventable cause of death unlike driving a little hybrid that can onnly do 40 MPH

And to caveat the hybrid point. If 51 % of all electricity is made by burning bituminous coal then you are realy driving a car that costs more and runs on coal

Most famine is caused by over poopulation. The way to fight that is through birth control not planting a tree. If Jack and Jill have 2 kids and they can't eat...... don't have 5 more!

You are correct on your last point. Warmer temperatures do increase plant growth and guess what lovely gas trees put offf..... Methane which is 21 % more damaging to the ozone that carbon dioxide.

Look genius before you rant and rave about how the Earth will turn into an easy bake oven by weeks end, educate yourself. Take a class on Global Environmental Change, dont watch some otherwise irrelevant ignorant habitual second place idiot to make up your mind for you. If you just want to have a good reason to protest go protest people who protest.

Now back to your parent's basement young man or no dessert. Oh and by the way if you ever feel inclined to actually learn about global warming instead of being force fed Rosie's point of view read the Biosphere protecting our global environment by Kaufman. It is an upper level college text book so you might need to break down and get that hooked on phonics package or get the book on tape.

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4.30 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
10:53 AM EDT