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PSD - Silly Rabbit

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Portal Splode Day Bitches!

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Although there is quite a bit of lag and yeah, the general animation could be improved on, in comparison to some of the animated series released onto our TV networks today, this actually blows a lot of them away, OK, its a bit short, but understandably you were trying to meet a deadline, however, I highly recommend that you do one of two things: 1) Get the movie published into a full length series for TV broadcasting or 2) Get the idea of this wonderful and original animation published into a full length series for TV broadcasting. I gave this animation a 8/10 due to originality of work and team effort between two great NG members !

Kewl Beans

Nice work on this one Kenny, i never suspected of the rabbit actually thinking his own food products sucked.

kenny responds:


Ha, another good PSD flash...

Good to see that there are some good Portal Splode Day flashes, heh. I was gonna cry if they all sucked...

Graphics: 4. Meh, they were pretty well-drawn, but there wasn't much animation. Luckily that is compensated by...

Style: 10. Short, but hilarious. I've been wanting to see that poor rabbit snap since I was seven. Good job.

Sound: 5. All I know is that rabbit sounded hot. O_O

Violence: 4. Ahahaha, silly kid, life ain't for you.

Interactivity: 0. Movie, none.

Humor: 10. Yeah, this is where this movie shines. Few flash artists actually make me burst out laughing, and I've noticed it's never the 'popular' people who make those flashes; it's random crazy guys like you. So good job.

Overall: 8. An example of how humor can compensate for an otherwise 'meh' flash and earn my fifen, heh.

How to improve: More like this, plz. The Kitty Krew would get so much luff if their average flash was as good as this one. :-P

kenny responds:

thanks again! :D

He finally got the Trix!!!

Who knew the rabbit WOULD get the Trix someday!? However, in the commercials, he NEVER shoots the kids. Also, how come he eats the whole box in ONE bite!? If I'm correct, one would NORMALLY just take ONE yogurt pack to eat AT A TIME. It's perfectly fine with me, though. I mean, it IS your flash. Overall, it was pretty funny. I vote 3. Good Work!!

kenny responds:

thanks for the review :)