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Splash Attack

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And now for something completely different.

Hey stop uploading this to youtube you idiots, it kinda ruins the joke and it's only meant to be on Newgrounds.


This bitch be trippinallupinyourgrill, Magikarp!

Use a Splash Attack!

What the fuck do you mean you don't have hyper beam? Just use splash attack!

Dodge that splash! Nice work, Magikarp. Now counterattack with your own splash!

Magikarp use Sp- *ring* Hello? Look, I'm in the middle of something here. What? Team Rocket? Team Rocket can suck on meh balls.

Now, return Magikarp. Go Ditto! Oh shit wait....

Oh-no Magikarp! Quick, use splash attack!

Those are my favorite lines.

This is funny shit. It's incredible how they endure all of those Splash attacks!


HAHA...Soooooo.funny...there should be aplace that youcould put it on a myspace...That would be awesome..."]]


HAHAHAHA That was awesome

Pure Genius...

Splash attack, the single most worthless move in pokemon used as a joke.

Simply Genius...

WHAT A COMEDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphics/Animation: Lol basic but it was comical. (7)
Style/Originality: A few around of taking the piss of battles...... but yours is by far top 5 lol. (10)
Sound: Hmmmm there were several problems where it skipped/cut off. (5)
Violence: None lol (0)
Interactivity/Pre-Loader: Kinda basic pre-loader :| (0)
Humor: HAHA people that don't find this funny has no sense of humor lol. (10)
Overall: A great comedy pokemon battle. (10)

Errors/Tips: Like is said about the sounds cutting of here and there.
Lol that had to be the most pathetic battle however the most funniest lol. The lines that had me rofl were :
Team rocket can suck my balls
Use hyperbeam ........ WTF you mean you dont know hyperbeam.
Incredible humor my friend keep it up ^^


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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
1:45 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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