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People said they wanted something with a new and extraordinary concept, so i made this game. You have to draw your own way to the coins you have to collect in this game while escaping an evil enemy. Took some days...

*edit: when i made this game i never heard of any game like this so i thought it would be a new concept*

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Liked it

i thought it was a really good game. you should improve the graphics a bit and maybe so you and use W.A.S.D controls too. cause it was kinda awkward with the arrows keys while using your mouse.
but other than that i liked it =D


i wish that there was music it would've stressed me out less... then again i suck at games anyway, and that little thingy that was chasing you around total bitch. but i guess i liked it if you get past all that stuff, not bad.

not all that great...

some... well, most of the game was very lacking in what i had in mind... put simply, i personally hate it

Here we go...

Your game would get probably 4/5 and 7/10 from me if you didn't write the retarded author's comments on it.
To make a bad copy of Drawplay and claim that you made something "new and extraordinary" it's just... not right, but I guess you fooled a good amount of people.
According to Oxford Dictionary,
Definition for new:
NEW - not existing before; seen, heard of, introduced, for the first time;
EXTRAORDINARY - beyond what is usual or ordinary, remarkable

I don't think your game matches any of these.
But it is an OK game.

Pretty good but stupidly hard

this is a great concept and is kinda original but it is insanely hard to switch be between arrows and mouse whilst avoiding the ball...

it might be better if you had a set amount of lives and lost one when you got hit by the ball rather than a life bar

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3.58 / 5.00

May 5, 2007
6:02 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other