Fresh Prince: Alternative

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Well, this morning I put this little tune together because I was bored.
And this afternoon, I put this animation to it, for the same reason.
It's not really an animation, more of a music and moving pictures thing. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. The song is a remix of the poke theme I made out of a MIDI of it, plus the Fresh Prince theme fed through an amplifier.

Not much else to say; but can someone please say "it's just the same thing again and again" in a review because I have a really good comeback to that.



This is stupid

Well now.

You claim to have made the song, excellent work on that. You might want to upload it to the audio portal. As a flash this isn't very appealing, i would have liked to see will smith in his laughable costume go around collecting pokey mans with the pokey and the man and the guy comes out and he makes a big RAW GAR GREAWR GHA GAHR.

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It's just the same thing, again and again


nerdswithattitude responds:

So was the Fresh Prince of Beliar, and Pokemon.

(thanks jd)

Ehh a little boring

Well I dont meant to say anything mean or anything but it was a bit boring and I gave the graphic's a 2 because it was just a picture with word's strewn across the screen I gave style a 5 because it was original. However the sound was where it failed the most because the sound was hearable but a bit hard to understand probably because it was a bit staticy

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Apcolyptic Bel Air

I take it the mythological "mother of all Earthquakes" destroyed Los Angeles, and thus Bel Air. and released the demons from hell (pokemons), which Wil has to catch?

nerdswithattitude responds:

That, good sir, is possibly the best review I've ever read. Nice work!

(it helps that you gave me all 10s as well ;) )

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4.19 / 5.00

May 5, 2007
4:05 AM EDT
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