My first Naruto Hentai Qu

May 5, 2007 –
December 14, 2011
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This is my first flash and hentai game that I made


um why is knokuro with temari its his sister lol

its plain but simple

The easy way is right click and click on play. then u get the pic

i just played a hentai quiz its questions, answers and pics are these exact ones, eccept these pics are backwards....

but good

Dude u rock make more,but ur images are backwards.

guys stfu he proble didnt know u ass holes
and befor he/she made this quiz he didnt know
so do some reserch

Do you expect me to be a fool !!

It was good real good

that was awesome.

temari and kankuro are brother sister

were did you get all these?

i love the pics make more plz

Very Nice u should do more.

i loved the pics!

pretty good but its got a bug you can just right click and hit forward to skip question's and see pic's you might want to fix that

Im Girl (Yes i know shocking Its my name right?) well I think naruto is cute and you will be my Fav. Dude is you keep makeing Naruto Hentai :) Cutey

Use a different font man, it was hard to read at times.

for your first flash you did well im impressed

my account got hacked by this jerk ad4mZX so i neaded to make a new acount andreiflash1 sorry about this mess

best hentai game ever!:):):):):):)

2nd pic, rofl

i loved that first picture of sakura, favorite ever, where did u get it?

u had some good pictures but there's a few things that could have been better, for example, u wrote in cursive and it was a bit hard to read and u reversed all the pictures u used

nice but the words were backwards

first of all sakura's first name is exactly that, sakura (in japanese they say last name first and first name last)

FUCKING NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was good liked the pics and all but it couldve been better with the words they were hard to read.

well... it was an alright quiz, though hentai quizzes are getting a little bit unoriginal now. your efforts were nice... don't get me wrong there, but maybe trying something different would've been better though.

I liked ALL of those pics. Fan-fucking-tastic.

might i suggest a comic next time u get done with a quiz lots of ppl like them^_^

but it really needs a picture gallery at the end good job

That was awesome!!! But why was all the writing backwards? Took some time for me to read them.

not bad, you just need to fix one thing: haruno sakura
haruno is the last name ;)
family name
other then that good work

its a good naurto or something game. to hell that i can press right click its good anyways.

what can i say.. a marvelous picts indeed


This is Japanese and in JAPAN they say their LAST name 1st as a type of respect!
So in English her Name would be!
"Sakura Haruno!"

C'mon man, get it right!
Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!

Voted: 2/5! (¬_¬!) lol

I grouped them into fives so it's easier to read.... Left to right, then next line, and so on....

1 2 1 2 1
3 1 3 2 3
1 2 3 3 3
2 1 2 3 2
3 1 2

the font you used for the questions and the answers isn't that clear apart from that thou it's reallly good 4 ya first hentai quiz well done!

the selection of images is better than that of most other naruto hentai quizes on this site, but the blue background and the font you used are shitty, they dont match.

nice work though, i enjoyed taking this quiz.

you still need a picture selection page at the end and a you suck screen for wrongly answered questions

other than that it's pretty good.


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