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Ok, I sent in some scrap animations of this about a week ago under the name 'A Waste of 70 Seconds' just to see what people thought of it, but here's the finished version, A LOT BETTER WITH MANY NEW ANIMATIONS, an Intro to Chapter 2, along with it's own orgignal theme song made by my homeboy Alger, or you'll soon know him as Yung Ali when he lands that record deal. Good look Al! Enjoy!


... i stand corrected.

THIS is the best animation iv seen from you so far! forget any of the other comments and stuf i said on your other eppisodes. THIS WAS THE GREATEST ANIMATED... trailer THAT IV EVER SEEN!! man keep it like this and you could be like just as good as the guy who made the "Killing Spree" series!.. except without the 3d animation. hey you should try 3d animation.


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JazLyte responds:

Thanks man! 'Preciate it! I am practicing 3D. And still no.

Truely awesome!

Wow, that was really something! Your skills have improved a lot, and your true style is starting to show. Please keep up the good work!

JazLyte responds:

Thankz, I really appreciate that ;) And thanks for the favs too

Its getting better

The animation looked awesome, it was so smooth and stuff DX I'm envious of your skills and the fact that I can't do flash right now ; 3; All I have to say is that its hard to tell who from who although you know I know Dante right from the start haha. Anyways, I'm not much for the opening song its cool you got your own personal one but you know I'm not much for rap/hip hop

And get up here we miss you!! ;_;

JazLyte responds:

Man, I tried to teah you flash last time I came up and you said no! I ain't even hearin' all that XD

Probably the best one yet... and it's a trailer?!

Kalen... this is just about the best one I've seen from you, animation-wise. Everything's been tightened up to great levels; the only thing wrong with it is the way everyone looks kinda similar. Animation's great, though; really smooth. Keep it comin'; it's awesome.

Get your ass up here sometime! You know we'd both love to see ya again, so at least call sometime. Peace.

JazLyte responds:

Thanx Tony And I will, I jus been busy shoot, last month of school, but I'll hit yall up though. :)

That was tight...

and you got 2nd place of the day? With a trailer? damn, you're goin places with this flash shit.

JazLyte responds:

thanks doug, you say that now, but later....

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May 3, 2007
4:46 PM EDT
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