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This chilling little "Contemplating Reiko" cartoon short was made by Jonathan Ian Mathers of "Neurotically Yours".

"Contemplating Reiko" is a simple single-panel webcomic starring a sadistic little demon girl named Reiko. There's a new strip each week on Tainted-Ink.com


Well, it was definately something

Not a bad animation, no. Just painfully painfully short. Not that I could imagine that much more going into this concept. Perhaps having one of the children blink would've amped up the effect of the morbidocity.

But it is nice to see something new from you, Foamy is great but can get annoying D:

So 7. Good Content but not enough of it.


i liked it but, next time make her take off more clothes plz ..and more jermane boobs too tks..


A love both the Neurocally Yours and the Reiko series, so it is neat that they collided.

loved it!

i just love this kind of humor , i gave an 8 in violenece because you don't get to see the actual slaughter

It had that "Neuroticly yours" touch!

Noticed that this had defenitly the touch from the creator of "Foamy". Anyhow this is nice,was well done,not far too long but neither far too short. It did its effect. What impression i got im not quite sure of but it was a nice impression none the less. Also i liked the fact that it didnt contain gore,it made it all look alot more.. "innocent". Hehehe. I do have a critism point tho. That i noticed there wasnt so much er,movement while skating,just the same model done and turned on for the diffrent going back and forth. That was the only find i could find a bit "lacking" but it was good anyhow.

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3.54 / 5.00

May 2, 2007
10:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original