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This chilling little "Contemplating Reiko" cartoon short was made by Jonathan Ian Mathers of "Neurotically Yours".

"Contemplating Reiko" is a simple single-panel webcomic starring a sadistic little demon girl named Reiko. There's a new strip each week on Tainted-Ink.com


It was okay. I love Reiko and I love Ian's work

But the mix just didn't do it for me. I just like Reiko in comic form. But it was a nice change but idk. . . it just comes across to me better in her art work. And there was just something missing in the clip. . . anyways! Good work any how! Can't wait to see more!
*P*L*H* V.S. *W*H*S*


I like your jet black sense of humor. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. I really like the background music. It fit perfectly and was peaceful yet spooky at the same time. In short, I thought it was excellent. The overall idea could use some work but, the drawings, sound, and creativity were definitely good.


Not really as "chilling" as it presented itself to be. Seemed kinda... well, there was a "demon girl" with a Japanese girl's name wearing a haircut you're likely to see at Hot Topic and other Goth stores at the mall, and I'll spare the ending spoiler, but that wasn't so great, either. It just seems like the same dribble. "Oh, here's this cute little innocent girl, but she's a demon with a dark secret." Blase at best.

...i don't really know what to say

i mean... it was good. like.. not bad. but.... not front page.

Not my cup o' tea i guess.


VERY well drawn, I kind of like the minimalism in this; though it does remind me of Emily Strange just a bit, maybe it's the minimalism & choice of colors, cuz the art is quite different. It'll be interesting to see just where this series goes AND how it's recieved by the NG audience. The style is easily recognizable as being the work of Mathers, but I'm curious as to why the different author/artist name/profile. Regards, ZB.

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3.54 / 5.00

May 2, 2007
10:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original