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Chaos Design: Lucisatra

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Author Comments

One complaint I made in the credits, is there a part of the Audio Portal for soundscapes and ambient sounds? I dont like I keep having to use music from CD's, but dont have much choice really..

If its like the others it wont make sense unless you put some thought into it, although no-ones guessed right what the whole series is about yet so maybe this one makes it easier. So yes, never expected to follow on from Apocalypse but since they arent released in chronological order why not. Its kinda short but it all came together really quickly and I didnt wanna drag it out and be boring people. I just ate a small pizza.

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I think i got it

Alright, I think the space ship kinda thing, is a machine that goes across the galaxy, and envokes chaos on all planets nearby, and i don't quite get whats with the 2 planets in this one but im thinking they represent light and darkness.

Pigmash responds:

Hey, thanks for putting some thought into it. Right in places, they are light and darkness, I think in latin Lucis = light, Atra = darkness. Dont pay too much attention to the name Chaos Design though, it doesnt give anything away. Sorry that your interpretation isnt right though, some other reviewer months ago gave a pretty similar interpretation though... Hows about that the "space ship thing" is stationary, and everything is revolving around it... that probably doesnt help much either but might clear up some confusion at least...

im confused.

before reviewing this since i havent heard of your series, i watched all of the other ones which you have made. I honestly cannot see any plot and you didnt even try to say anything about the plot. the series is confusing so it would attract more viewers if you explained what is supposed to be going on so that when they watch it they wont get confused and angry and then blam it for being crap. i gave it a 3/5 but you should probably work on the whole plot issue and tell the people watching whats going on.

Pigmash responds:

Maybe, Im just making them for my own enjoyment though, and Id rather someone guesses right what it all means rather than me blurt it out and allow people to no longer have to think about what they just saw. Anyway, thanks for at at least trying and looking at the others in the series as well, just bear in mind its more symbolism than some straight forward chronological order story.

Didn't like this.

Ok, good graphics, sound was ok, clear style. So why didn't I like it? The planet graphic looked plain old stolen, since it was completely different to the central yellow thing. The other thing I didn't like was the story. You obviously think you have some master plot behind this, but I don't see it. In fact, there is next to no story in this... some planets move, there is an eclipse, the planet moves again. Without a story, this was boring, and might as well have been a 'this is my first flash, it's stick men fighting' submission.

By the way, if you looked in the audio portal for 5 seconds you would see the ambient section.

Pigmash responds:

Ok then, I made the "central yellow thing" in flash and then put it into photoshop, I made the planets in photoshop, so Id rather you didnt go acusing me of theiving graphics.
And Im after a different kind of ambience, things like the first 30 seconds of music, soundscape kinda things.
Anyways, its all symbolism, bit different from stick men fighting.

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

May 2, 2007
5:11 PM EDT