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Madness Consternation

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Moar violence.


I know I can just simply not watch the series. I can respect that. I am not trying to harm anybody’s opinion of what they think of them. I’m not trying to hurt the creator of the series and I am sorry if nobody likes this review. I am not trying to be offensive at all! I’m just trying to make a point and just hope they just take time to read this just for the heck if it. I’m merely saying what I think of the Madness series. I don’t like the series. Nothing makes sense! It just takes one unrelated event after another. The characters are seeming growing more insane as the series goes on. There is no plot and the story can, at times often be silly in a bad way. This is the only Madness movie I like. Some things didn’t make sense but not as much compared to the rest of the movies. Although the action is slow paced when you have it on High Quality, it does have a lot of violence! The ending is sad but at least Hank actually dies until Demos is able to alter him. I love the music in this! It is industrial but thrilling for me!


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THIS IS JUST MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of best Madness episodes in my opinion. Lots of great moments:

Clown chase was awesome, like a horror movie. I especially liked how Hank got shot by an agent while preoccupied with Clown, shows the fear even he must be experiencing before that unpredictable monstrosity.

The giant guy was also cool. Especially using giant shotgun as golf club and then firing giant slug.

And finally we get a Madness Chainsaw Massacre!

Jebus killing Hank. Again. And Clown too in a short succession like a total pro. Even without using his superpowers.

The shadowy figure controlling improbability level revealed.

On overall I feel like this is the end of 3rd season/stage of Madness which consists of Madness Depredation, Madness Antipathy, and Madness Consternation. All these episodes are similar in the way Hank looks like and acts, most enemies being agents rather then regular guys, and in Clown being the main enemy. This is surely the best episode from this stage.

Prior to that Madness Redeemer, Avenger and Apotheosis were season/stage 2 with Hank looking like a regular guy and having weaker jumping and no bullet time aiming powers compared to stage 3, taking on regular guys instead of agents, always getting killed in the end by Jebus and then reappearing with a new bandage on the body part he was killed trough. Clown was just a weirder then usual guy with no superpowers back then. Madness Avenger is the best episode from that stage in my opinion.

Finally stage 1 is Madness and Madness Combat which seem to be outside of the main plot-line.

The fallowing cannon episodes are 4th stage of Madness with different characters being protagonists instead of or besides Hank, enemies including new type of yellow face masked guys and the shadow guy being main enemy.

Madness only gets weirder and cooler and ... more mad as it goes on.

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Dude! that was insane! next episode please!

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May 2, 2007
4:32 PM EDT
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