Redneck Cinco De Mayo

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OK another in this series let me know what needs to be improved or what you like. Thanks.


Not terrible at all.

I'll admit, the graphics are not fantastic, but flash is a bit hard to do great things in, I've tried. This is still a good flash, the colors are solid and bright, the motion, smooth and not glitchy, the sound is easy to hear. And, although semi short, it had some funny parts, so it's not at all bad, just keep doing these and some day you'll be making wonderful things.


I loved it...I know that the sound and the graphics bloew, but that was HALARIOUS! Well, not really hesterically halarious...but it made me laugh out loud, so's...yea. Anyway, make the grphics batter and I would have given you a 5/5...but I gave you a 4, thats still pretty good. i hope this makes it through, good luck


extreeemly bad and sould be blammed all the way to hell.
Sound quality is extremly poor and the graphics need freshaning up alot...

not blammed but this sucks anyway

There were NO interactivity, only talking. Sound wasn't so good, i had to put my speakers at max and i had difficulty to understand. the style is like alot of other movies, repeatly moves with lot of talking, i hate those movies. Graphics was not so bad. No humor and a bit of violence. I give you overall 2, i rated your movie 1.

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2.75 / 5.00

May 2, 2007
3:35 PM EDT
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