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Cosmic Blast

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Arrow Keys to move, Space to fire. In level mode, You can only shoot the target the arrow defines for you, keep destroying your targets as they appear.

As your energy bar decreases your ships engines get weaker, hit a planet with low energy and its game over.

Survival lets you to target whatever you like (based on how close you are to it) survive as long as possible to get the highest score!

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Like most people, I found this to be nothing too new or interesting. I guess I was just confused by it. I am really not good with arrow controls. I'm not going to blame the criticize the laptop I'm using. I'm just saying it didn't do much for me. I guess the graphics weren't bad. Everything just came off as quite mediocre to me.

I don't even know if something can be more mediocre than what it was before. I have much better ship games. I guess this would qualify as a space shooter. It was weird how I couldn't do that well even with the big arrow pointing. I just thought the planets would be digging.

Did you even put thought into these?

As above, I haven't logged in forever but i just had to tell you about the quality of these games. Ive played alot of your games, and most of them I just move onto the next because they're so boring. Like in your cosmic crush, the controls suck. No matter how far you put your mouse in the opposite direction, the planet sucks you dry anyway. NO music in either of them, which makes it all the more boring. But in this one, what is this even? No story line, not even a concept. Atleast i tried out cosmic crush out several times because i liked the concept twisted in a whole new way, but idk what this game is.
Your games are interesting. but seriously, kick some shit in gear. I personaly love some of the concepts and overall ideas, but theres a few things to fix: music, overall story line, sound effects, controlls and levels and level designs.
Gave it a 2 for effort.

good concept

nice concept but the game sucks, no soryline, no music or sound effects, and an auto targeting system is never a good idea in a shooter


this game sucks srry dude but it does

has merit, but just isnt good enough yet.

Level mode wasnt any fun within a few moments. You shoot planets... just for fuel, at least give us a story line explaining it a little please, because it seemed senseless to me.

The controls are a little annoying, shouldn't the up arrow make me move forwards? not simply upwards on the screen? Just seemed very counter intuitive after playing other games with space ships.

Has merit, but in this form it just won't impress the masses.

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2.21 / 5.00

May 1, 2007
10:51 PM EDT