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Pico Day 07 collection? Wasn't expecting that.

Sorry for being late. I coulden't upload last night and noticed that there were still a ton of Pico flashes in the portal so why not have one more?

This is the result of a flash made in a couple hours yesterday by yours truly.

I'll respond to all reviews so leave one.

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Didn't understand it.

Really it didn't make any sense and it was quite short,cute animation but that was the only thing going for this.

Imacow responds:


Not really good, at all.

Again, I have to be honest with you on this submission, this really wasn't very good, but you already knew that. The graphics weren't good, at all, and there really was no story to the submission ether. It seemed just like another random submission for the heck of it, and that really showed. Not a great submission.

Imacow responds:



Haha i liked it i have no idea why i think it was the cow in the beging cows are awsome. X[)

Imacow responds:

"i think it was the cow in the beging cows are awsome. X[)

Then you'll love "Cow on Trampoline".

Not really good at all

The music was the best part about this really... most of the animation was laggy, like half of Pico's was getting cut out as he was moving... the gun animation was just horrible, the shape tween with sun could've at least been tweened back to its first position instead of just suddenly going back the first frame of that symbol...

Please don't make your own text with the brush tool, download fonts off a site and type it in... I couldn't read what it said... and the part where it says "Imacow made this" was too quick, I could barely read it.

Try better next time, I can't really say this was a good animation with much effort in it. :(

-Review Request Club

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review.

I realy spent no time on this submission at all.


^^Good Points^^
I thought the music was the best part about this. Especially when he was shooting his gun. Where did you get that song from?

^^Needs Improving^^
Not very good graphically, and this looks really rushed. And something was wrong with his head in the beginning as well. The ending was completely stupid, as I don't read spanish, and it was really short.

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review.

The song is from the game "Excitebike" on the NES.

The ending text translated to "I have a mouse in my pants".

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2.00 / 5.00

May 1, 2007
8:18 PM EDT
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