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Random faggot:
...to make your right wing sexism look badass, you live in a fantasy world my good man. i can't even watch your no talent flash slideshows, just pieces of them before i turn them off, i might just organise some friends to vote 0 on you daily. eat shit you hate monger, see you in the obits.

Fixed an issue where the music didn't loop. As for the video quality, bear with me. It's intelligible. It's not pretty but it gets the point across. I can hear it fine, it just has some white noise in the background. And there's a lot past the video.
Doubt's hate mail and then some...
Video in the beginning on women's suffrage and how college girls don't even know what it means. Big stride forward there in civil rights - we skip straight to forcing them into universities when they're still too fucking dumb to know basic fact.


I actually gave you a three this time

I don't advocate women treating men as subhuman; it is terrible to see the extreme and senseless side of feminism. We are all human beings, men and women alike. You seem to only focus on the idiots that want to dominate men and not walk side-by-side men for a better future as a whole species. Now that, I do not tolerate. Hatred is hatred, and should never be accepted as fact.

But remember that the women you cannot see, the intelligent ones that are not out partying like animals, getting jobs, having relationships with wonderful men, and going on to help society will always be there, watching your flashes, laughing at the only evidence you seem to bring; amateur videos from Youtube. Please, start using supporting evidence from reputable sources for whatever your argument is; in fact, your presentation of facts is very blurry and incongruent. Extremely disorganized, if you will. You'd get a D for this if it was an essay, not because of your hateful opinions, but just how badly put together it is.

As you've said many times before, let the big people talk. Put your mature side forward. All I see is a child, misinformed and blinded, attempting his best to degrade others but failing miserably as he doesn't get his way. If you cannot get it into your head that childish name calling is not a formidable argument, then shut up and let the other adults, men and women, talk.

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Its like asking someone from present day, what do you think of the holocaust. MANY people will not even know what it is. These people interviewed were more then likely caught off guard. XD

There are still a lot of things our society makes unequal to women, which is stupid. -_- Everyone should have equal rights. Everyone should be respected.

As for the video. Crappy audio, and very crappy visual. I will vote low on this... cause yeah D= make it better.

That is my un-biased opinion of the video :P Even if I do not agree with whats being said, and what you think about women.

I am sure everyone else can agree, as for the quality of the video, it sucks. =D

(Oh and for your comment to... probably the last review, I can't wait till you backhand a girl, and she kicks your ass. Cause there are a lot of women out there that can, and will gladly do it)

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doubtfish responds:

No, they're aren't. This isn't an episode of Charlie's Angels, babycakes. In real life men are men and girls are girls, and I don't fight like you. I fight the same against a girl as a guy. I'll still go for the face, no matter how pretty or delicate her little nosie is. That's because I treat people like equals, shit-for-brains. And watch the personal attacks, baby, you don't want to set me off. I'm calm like a bomb.
And =D Could D= You ;D Please 'D Stop +D using smilies like a teenage whore? Thanks.
As for the holocaust, there is a gender gap.
Oh, and by the way, FUCK YOU. You're supposed to rate the quality of the whole fucking thing, not just the video. I can hear it just fine. You're just a pussy who expects a 10 meg flash to have a high-definition surround-sound compatable video complete with 24-bit audio. Listen up, shit head. I get the message across and that's what I'm trying to do.

this is why women have to fight for their rights

first some constructive critique, imprting video into flash is tricky get the kbps right and try to keep the audio intelligible.

now a general critique of the content for people who may accidentally think this is worth watching, read unless u want to see some sexism of the none sexy type.

this should be blammed off newgrounds as soon as possible as it is an example of one person sexual bias, this isnt even an example of flash animation, as it was simple a short clip taken of extremely poorly shot (and poorly edited) video with extremely bad audio, streamed from flash.
it pretends to be an example of how women do not deserve an equal footing beside men in society, by showing footage recorded at vermont college of a college-tv reporter asking young women loaded questions about womens suffrage, and how it is(quote) "increasing exponentially" (end quote), when thinking on it at home one realises that womens suffrage is not an "it" as in the suffering of women as unfortunately many of the women in the footage perhaps assumed, with the microphone thrust in front of their faces and the camera leering at them, but the "movement for increased womens rights" which is the correct explanation of the recently revamped antiquated term "suffrage".

the author of this peice of garbage then continues by pasting his responses to a detractor alongside some edited quotes from the detractors posting on said authors website(operated by the author which i promise myself never to visit or even look into the existence of such a heavily sexist presons website) which clearly indicate not only that the content of said website is offensive in the extreme, but also that the authors mind is so heavily filled with images of violent japanese pornography as to defy the existence of any other content.

and as a final nail in the coffin he includes some pictures of girls scantily clad from a girls college party site

there now i hope that anyone from the newgrounds staff who reads the preceding will accept my apolagies for posting such a lengthy review which i admit probably violates a few of the rules about posting reviews, but considers the contents of the review as an accurate review of the content of the peice which i have unfortunately wasted time watching, and takes my considered advice and blams it.

thank you for reading

doubtfish responds:

Wow, you seem to have a very pro-feminist bias and an extremely anti-male one. You give them every benefit of the doubt, don't you? You need to learn when to shut the fuck up and let the big people talk because you're either a girl or the most effiminate man I've ever heard. Gay? Probably, but not in a good sense. No, the closet faggot who sits by the DDRs of the world and screams at any male who dares to tread on sacred female territory that he's "fucking gay" and that "god hates fags." Burn in hell, dickwad. Anything a bitch can do I can do, and no shithead is going to try and impose her little shitty will on me. If they do, they get a taste of the back of my hand.

This belongs on youtube, not newgrounds

And if you are going to put this on newgrounds, at least make the quality good.

doubtfish responds:

I'm cutting the video in half and saving the other half for later. That should give me some space for better quality. Expect said update tomorrow, or possibly today.

very nice opening.

I didnt watch the video, becuase One, it was poor quality, and two, my speakers dont work.

But i gave a five because the paragraph was funny.

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May 1, 2007
5:26 PM EDT
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