Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5)

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Happy (Belated...) Pico Day!!
OMG Thanks Soooo much for front page!!

NOTE: There are rewards!! You have to play on a difficulty other than [Free Play]!!

EDIT: v1.5 has fixed bugs for the email and music. There still may be alittle more bugs left, but I'm working on it. I still have YET to fix the ENDING though, but I was planning to make a movie for it :P Maybe...

Sorry for being late for Pico Day, Sorry for those who've been waiting a long time for a sequel and sorry for the really crappy backgrounds, battle animations and ending...

Please cut me some slack, I had to rush it!! I wasn't able to add everything I wanted in time...but I still hope you will enjoy~ If you want me to redo/add some stuffs, maybe later on I will.

Special Thanks to James, who did the chance time stories :D

PS - If you find a bug/problem, please don't hesitate to PM me! Thanks!!


y'know... i like the kind of guy in games like these who give you walkthroughs about medals or about the game itself. Thumb up for you guys!

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This game is awesome, the best Sim Date that I've ever played. I'm not a really big fan of romantic stories 'n' stuff, but I enjoy the structure of these kind of games. Would you please make a tutorial? Pleeeease?

Overall the game was pretty good. I played on easy just to give myself time to ensure that I could complete it. Bit irritated that all I got was Track 5 unlocked and not so much as a reunion or anything at all upon completion. Not sure If I am going to replay at this point. Though, I may

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About The Girls


Prize : Dad n Me
Boss : Jeffy Ultimo
Soccer Player : Jeffy Ultimo
Don't like : Science
Favorite show : Shoot Out
Previous school : South Portal School
Favorite Food : Nachos
Birthday : 8th June
Visit : California
Buy brand sport gear : Vex'd Up
Work at : Mini Golf Park
Sport : Soccer

Prize : Tankman
Boss : Shika Maru
Favorite subject: Art
Birthday : 18th January
Work : Office Assistant
Favorite Food : Spaghetti
Favorite Desert : Fudge pears
Music : FLOW
Brother : 3 older brothers
Anime : Fruit Basket
Shopping : Bookmark
Want to live : Japan
Movies : Drama

Prize : Strawberry clock
Boss : BJ (Big Jerk)
Favorite Band : Salt & Vanilla
Cloth : Dremio
Food : Soya Wok
Movies : Comedies
Music : RnB
When watch movie : Granulated peanuts
Work : Receptionist
Birthday : 30th April
Favorite subject : Math
Hairstyle products : Shinii
After school : Lawyer

Prize : Alien Hominid
Boss : Some Emo
Hate food : Fish
Hate subject : Family studies
Animals : Thin-haired weasels
Color : Magma red
Favorite food : Peanut butter n Jelly sandwich
When bored : gardening
Band : Dark Glow
Desert : Sweet strawberry Ice cream
Store : Razor Sharp
Birthday : 13th September
Work : Fish factory

NOTE: Using An Clothes Can Increase The Points

Job Walkthrough

Janitor Rank (Mop, spill) : #1
Janitor Rank (Kyle, Punch) #1
Janitor Rank ('It' Person) #2
Janitor Rank (Joe, Birthday) #2
Janitor Rank (Bad Day, Bunny Mascot) #2
Errand Boy Rank (Coffee) #1
Errand Boy Rank (Gold Clubs, worn out) #2
Errand Boy Rank (A/B-Wing) #1
Errand Boy Rank (Johnny, Singer) #2
Errand Boy Rank (Donuts, Filling) #1
Supplies Manager Rank (Pen) #2
Supplies Manager Rank (Vinh, 100$ Bet) #1
Supplies Manager Rank (Kim, Vinh Covering) #2
Supplies Manager Rank (6000 Pens) #2
Cubicle Hand Rank (MMORPG) #1
Cubicle Hand Rank (Crunch Time, Date) #2
Cubicle Hand Rank (Danny Pushing Around) #1
Cubicle Hand Rank (Make A T-Shirt) #1
Cubicle Hand Rank (Presentation To Davis) #1
Computer Management Assistant Rank (The Speech) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (Get In Girl) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (MMORPG Guild Rivals) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (Evon/Dylan) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (Second/First Boats) #2
Business Supervisor Rank (Virus) #2
Business Supervisor Rank (Which Song) #1
Business Supervisor Rank (Selling out friends) #2
Business Supervisor Rank (Skipping Work) #1
Business Supervisor Rank (Missed Meeting) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Sexual Harassment) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Picking a Restaurant) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Missing Golf Club) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Sexy Daughter) #2
Vice President Rank (Expansion) #1
Vice President Rank (Freak Accident) #2
Vice President Rank (Paintball) #2
Vice President Rank (Slutty Girls) #2
Vice President Rank (Sniper Kyle) #1
CEO Rank (Typist) #1
CEO Rank (Music Man) #2
Big Boss Rank (Your Typist) #1
Big Boss Rank (The Boy Band) #2
Big Boss Rank (Party Idea) #1
Big Boss Rank (Golf Game) #2
Big Boss Rank (Merging Companies) #2

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I forgot about Cyclops.

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4.44 / 5.00

May 1, 2007
5:21 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating