Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5)

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Happy (Belated...) Pico Day!!
OMG Thanks Soooo much for front page!!

NOTE: There are rewards!! You have to play on a difficulty other than [Free Play]!!

EDIT: v1.5 has fixed bugs for the email and music. There still may be alittle more bugs left, but I'm working on it. I still have YET to fix the ENDING though, but I was planning to make a movie for it :P Maybe...

Sorry for being late for Pico Day, Sorry for those who've been waiting a long time for a sequel and sorry for the really crappy backgrounds, battle animations and ending...

Please cut me some slack, I had to rush it!! I wasn't able to add everything I wanted in time...but I still hope you will enjoy~ If you want me to redo/add some stuffs, maybe later on I will.

Special Thanks to James, who did the chance time stories :D

PS - If you find a bug/problem, please don't hesitate to PM me! Thanks!!


Made till one of the fins. awesome!

used to play all the pico games when i was younger and here i am in 2017 still playing them. NOSTALGIC to the fullest.

Fun but too many bugs:

1. You have one day less time than game says.
2. Turned off music and sounds turns on after dates and asked questions.
3. After you reject a girl, it becomes unavailable if you load a game where you haven't rejected it.
4. If you load a game the used up job events for your job level become available again.

Pretty good game, I must say. I completed this in a single hour. Honestly, I think Pico Sim date 3 is better, but this one's not bad. There does not seem to be a cap for intelligence, strength, and charm. I would recommend capping these 3 at around 350-ish. As for the actual random fights, they were quite easy, just make sure you hang out with all types (nerds, jocks, gangsters, emos) and learn all their moves. These battles can be won easily if you have high enough stats (for me, I did 300+ each). Also note that certain types are weak against others (if you fight a "cool" guy, using jock moves on him deals the most damage)
"Cool" Guy - use Jock moves on him
"Jock" Guy - use Smart moves on him
"Nerd" Guy - use Cool moves on him
"Emo" Guy - use Emo moves on him (this one's actually quite surprising, I thought it would give the least damage, but I digress)

I liked the random chance options with the workplace. Overall great game!

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Great, strategic, and all round a fun game. Love the stats system. I could spend hours playing this

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4.44 / 5.00

May 1, 2007
5:21 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating