Pico: Blammin' the Baddie

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I've been working on this movie for the past month and now that it's down to the wire, I'm submitting it as is. It's not quite finished, but I think I put forth enough effort to make it worth showing.

Man, NG, you need to stop having your contests during college midterms/finals.

Thanks goes out to Sprite37 for helping me!

The plot: A bad flash movie has fallen into the portal. The kids' at Pico's school start messing with it and it attracts people to vote 5 on it. It makes its' power level (I mean score lol) very high but Pico needs to stop it from corrupting the portal and "fucking" with the top 50 of all time. XD


that was great

most people overlook opera as the ultimate action music but you did well there. that flash was great

Very high quality...

...And much better than I had expected. This flash does prove a good point about blamming and saving bad flash animations. What that point is eludes me at this moment, but I am sure I will remember later.

If it had a Pico Day icon and a 'Play' button, I am fairly sure that this animation would be a forerunner for this year's award!

Aim:to rule the world

Nice work dude
I remember you work from a bit ways back...whichever one ended with ""who wrote this crap" "there was a script" "no"" is my favorite(it was a zelda one woot). Now this is most definitly the best of all the "flash themed" flashes iv ever rated.(it was a 5). (note iv only been through this years kk's hitler day,star day,one i forget and this day. But still you rock dude 10/10 ^_^
(7 interactive for laughing,9 for the way you ment it to look like at the bad parts and a waffle for a fish in the underpants of a llama).


This is pretty clever, dude! But did I miss something, why is Nene always an emo? She's always killing herself, why doesn't she dress emo?? :P

nalem responds:

Well, she's Japanese. In Japanese culture, they believe in "Death before dishonor" and a bad grade would probably be considered dishonor, so she tried to kill herself.

One of the great Pico Day entries.

Absolutely hilarious and great. Keep it up!!

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3.52 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
11:59 PM EDT
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