Pico of the Dark Ages

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Help Pico battle it out in the Dark Ages against the Evil Dark Wizard Allucardis and his vast Army of UberGoths!

If you need help with the bosses, Revoo has posted some strats on the last page of the reviews. They should make the bosses a piece of cake. Good luck!!

**!*! UPDATE 4.0 !*!**
After hearing that enough people were taking issue with the following, now Pico no longer takes a small amount of damage when blocking, and the bosses attack power has been cut in half. Enjoy!

**!*! UPDATE 3.0 !*!**
Holy crap!!! Daily Second! Thank you so much for your support everyone!!

**!*! UPDATE 2.0 !*!**
Bugs with the hero 's health and lives have been fixed, and you can choose whether you want to start a new game or continue at the beginning of a previous stage. UberGoths now have a 10% less chance of blocking. Bosses remain as difficult as ever, Muahahaha!!!

**!*! UPDATE 1.0 !*!**
Front Page!! 4.0 score!! WOOHOO!!! Thank you sooo much everyone!! I'm so glad you're enjoying my game!


Movement: Arrow keys
Attack: 'A'
Block: 'S'
Strong Attack: 'D'

**Warning!** This game may appear too difficult, but keep in mind that each of the three bosses have a pattern. Find the pattern, and they're easy!

Have fun, it's my first full blown (completed... ahem...) game, all in AS 2.0 Object Oriented Programming. Please PM me if you find any bugs!

Very special thanks to the following:

Andy Schlossberg: For the code help and support.

Tom Fulp and friends: For keeping Newgrounds amazing for ten years! Happy Birthday Tom!

Edgen: You make amazing music!! I'm so glad I found your work at the NG Audio Portal!



I was reading you're responses to peoples comments, and I really hope you make a 2nd version of this game with those features.
ALSO, to anyone who is having difficulty I just wanted to add one additional tip to the gameplay to what someone said earlier.
For the SIMPLE ORCS. If you do a RUNNING JUMP behind them, they will keep attacking, but in the WRONG DIRECTION!! So you can keep slashing and don't have to spend time blocking their attacks any, Also, it makes it so you can pause the game if you like. I'm standing behind an orc as he slashes at me for the 300th time now, and I've yet to be hit, lol. That's you pause feature right there. :)

mongoid responds:

Ooh! Pico of the Dark Ages 2 in 2008? Hmmmm... sounds plausible. :-) Veeerrryy plausible, indeed.

HAHA! Nice exploit! A pause button was yet another feature that had to get sidelined in order to submit on time. It's actually a rather big deal to implement a function that stops EVERY animation onscreen.


WTF?! Revoo's strat didnt work! LOLOL got raped by that fag twice. lmao

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mongoid responds:

Haha... Here's a hint: think back to King Hippo from Mike Tyson's Punch Out on the old NES. ;-) That should help you out.


it doesn't matter what pattern it has, it's impossible not to get attacked constantly and die.
other than that super fun gameplay and animation/ art =)
i'm gunna stop trying to kill the boar now, i've tried a few dozen times already

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mongoid responds:

:-) Revoo's strategy should keep you scratch free from the boar. Man, you're going to HATE the Destructor boss.

Have fun!! :-)

Awesome game!

You used LIN/PENCIL tool for your animation and incorporated fbf around that fact, which total ROCKED! Also good game it's challenging and very well drawn and animated.

David M.

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mongoid responds:

Yes I did. I think that since I began working on this in, what January(?), 2/3 of the time was spent on artwork. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)


this isn't too difficult, so long as you both get lucky and know these tips
1. block, then strike the little enemies. Only strike in between blocks or when they are just getting up from the ground or approaching you.
2. You cannot permanently "die" (at least on my Mac you can't). Just do "new game" after you die and you get another try. However, because you still only get the same life that you had when coming into the level--try VERY HARD to be near full life when exiting any level, especially the level before a boss level. Use special attacks for this purpose.
3. To kill the boar:
a. run right up to it when it's walking towards you and hit its head several times until you hear a clank. Don't use the special attack.
b. After you hear the clank, it will start charging at you. You have to jump over its head every time. So long as you don't touch its head you're OK.
c. Eventually it will start walking again, and then you should go up to it and hit its head again. Repeat from step b
4. To kill the guy with hammers (easy): stand beneath him and keep attacking. He will block your attacks instead of attacking you. Occasionally jump up and hit his face.
5. To kill the final boss: avoid his attacks, then strike him when he appears standing still. To avoid the laser-eye attack, keep running back and forth, and when he does the laser eye he'll appear behind you and have to chase you so he won't hit you.

Overall, this game had good graphics but poor gameplay. There were a lot of very specific things you had to do that took many deaths to discover. If not for the game bug that made "new game" start you where you left off, it would have been unplayable.

This review is insanely well received!
mongoid responds:

Haha! I already have people posting strats! Sorry you didn't like the gameplay, but that was all I could do within the time given.

OOooohh I had SO many plans for other cool features, such as a bow and arrow, airborne baddies, parallaxing ANIMATED backgrounds... the list goes on. In fact, the code is THERE, it just isn't implemented. :-P Ran out of time. I think I was barely able to submit it to Newgrounds before deadline. The timestamp said I had 40 minutes left. haha.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
11:23 PM EDT
Action - Other