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Escape from CampHostility

rated 3.85 / 5 stars
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Apr 30, 2007 | 7:10 PM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE ** 09/01/07 - Fixed a bunch of shit after months of neglect. lols.

This movie/interactive/whateve r-you-wanna-call it was more of an experiment than anything.
Originally, my idea was to just use a soundtrack i had used in a previous pico movie and try and do something totally different with it... which definately was challenging and im never doing again lol.
While I was at it I thought to myself why not mix interactive elements inside the movie, endurance type of 'games' where if you outlast it the movie continues if not then you are booted to a 'bad' ending. Thats where David aka TrueDarkness came into the mix and as a result you have this pseudo movie with game elements.. its an intruiging idea ill probably do in later movies at a grander scale. Major thanks to David for sharing in my vision and putting up with my crap.

It may be pico day for you guys but to me today will always be NENE DAY. because i love them yellow honeyssss.

Happy birthday Tomo.




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very fun mix of animation and game. The art of course is excellent, I like all the little touches you put in luis. The little bit of rotoscope was pretty awesome. The minigames were tough but not really that murderous, i guess it just took me less than 10 minutes just now, im not bragging just saying, dont be a lame ass.

The coding for the obstacle dogging part made me a little bit pissed. The hit test could have done much better, either it wasn't super accurate, or it was just going to fast for me to see, either way i felt jipped on a lot of deaths.

The end was a bit simple, getting hit by a car is a fine ending, but it wasn't as cinematic as the other scenes.

So eat my opinion, sweet game, peace.

Luis responds:

yeah the second game is a bit touchy.. i debated wether to make it a 3 hit deal like the first game or not, maybe itll get tweaked why i can still mess with the submission.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

The graphics were amazing and I loved the interactivity. Could have been longer though, but I'm guessing you guys were pressed for time. Well, great game overall, it really tested my ninja reflections.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Suk my dik bitches

I beat this game. It was hard at first, but you get the hang of it.

For the bear, I did not realize at first where I had the mouse on the screen mattered. Fortunately, I put it in the middle to give myself room. When I jumped over the rocks, it was mostly accurate guessing. In case I jumped to early, I moved the mouse to make it over. Its hard, but youll get used to it. :)

And for the birds, whenever you pass an obstacle, I always go back to the middle. The default position is the best way to avoid high and low ones since there are none in betweeen ones.

OVerall, great game and fun interactivity equals awesome.

55555 A+++++


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Amazing Graphics - Much too hard

The title of this review basically sums up my main points. The graphics were well drawn and very polished, and many scenes were most likely touched up in Photoshop to give a more realistic feel. The Nene preloader was also a nice touch.

My only complaints about the graphics would be that going from movie to interactive was a pretty big jump because of the decrease in detail. It just looked odd to have these big detailed scenes and characters suddenly shrink down to small running sprites.

My other nitpick at the animation would be that when the bear is eating Pico's guts, it seems a bit off and fake. The bear is drawn in Flash and looks like a smooth vector graphic, while the image of Pico is clearly more detailed, and makes the bear look like he's not actually interacting with Pico when eating his guts.

The music in the Flash is top-notch. It's clear, high quality, and definitely gets your heart racing while playing through the two mini-games.

Moving on to the actual mini-games, the parts of the submission which really drag it down. Both are extremely difficult and frustrating, and playing through each a good fifty or more times to finally beat it isn't exactly fun.

The bear chase was significantly easier than the second one, but is still much too hard nonetheless. The fact that the rocks come at you so quickly AND the bear is approaching makes it all the more annoying. I ended up beating it by clicking a whole lot of times and was able to keep myself afloat to avoid the rocks. Ugh.

The bird mini-game really takes the cake in terms of the most aggravating "avoid-the-obstacles" game I've ever played. The rocks and walls take up a good portion of the screen most of the time, and the speed in which they come at your character pretty much makes it impossible for ANY error whatsoever.

After finally beating it (took a good 20 minutes, and I ended up winning by luck), the death at the end was more of a let down than anything else, as I had just spent so much time attempting to live. Not funny guys, not at all.

Some suggestions for the mini-games:

* Add a "Skip" option. Either at the start of the submission or after dying a certain amount of times (10 maybe? 20?)
* Add a health bar (especially to the bird one) so that you don't have to be completely perfect while playing through
* Decrease the speed or size of the rocks/walls in the bird mini-game.

My main problem lies with the mini-game section. I think that more mini-games of lesser difficulty would have suited the submission better than two extremely hard ones. The ending was more of a let down than funny as well. In any case, interesting combination of movie and game, looks amazing, but falls short in terms of playability.

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Luis responds:

sweet review thanks for the time. Yeah I guess we played it so much that it was easy for us and we thought we wouldnt make it such a piss take.. tweaked a pinch and it should be a little bit easier.. anywho, the death is a letdown i suppose but atleast nene is happy in the end and she does end up escaping the camp.

The minigame within a movie is an akward combination of things and i wasnt even sure wether to submit as a game or movie .. i still dont and definately brings up a host of issues which you bring up such as how to weave it seamlessly.. i think as time goes on and i continue to try this merger it'll get better. definately appreciate your feedback on problem areas. :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome graphics

Perhaps it's because I'm not a ninja, but the difficulty of this game pushes the limits of possible human reaction speeds. It looks great, though.