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Escape from CampHostility

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UPDATE ** 09/01/07 - Fixed a bunch of shit after months of neglect. lols.

This movie/interactive/whateve r-you-wanna-call it was more of an experiment than anything.
Originally, my idea was to just use a soundtrack i had used in a previous pico movie and try and do something totally different with it... which definately was challenging and im never doing again lol.
While I was at it I thought to myself why not mix interactive elements inside the movie, endurance type of 'games' where if you outlast it the movie continues if not then you are booted to a 'bad' ending. Thats where David aka TrueDarkness came into the mix and as a result you have this pseudo movie with game elements.. its an intruiging idea ill probably do in later movies at a grander scale. Major thanks to David for sharing in my vision and putting up with my crap.

It may be pico day for you guys but to me today will always be NENE DAY. because i love them yellow honeyssss.

Happy birthday Tomo.




This is the most enraging thing on grounds i have come across! I WANT 25 MINS OF MY LIFE BACK- and i still cant beat the dodge bit. kudos on the art and the animation, the first bit was fun, the second bit left me with a desire to physically hurt the creators (and eagles), i award you (begrudgingly) a bigass 5 for your efforts


It was a great animation but it only had 2 games! I know you rushed it Luis!, you could've done so much more of it

Good stuff

It just seemed that I died far too easily and quickly. The game seemed too hard to control (I don't know why). The art was fantastic - movie like in ther cut scenes. and I like the basic idea.

Great but...

Left me wanting more...I was just getting used to the idea when it was over.

As always, awesome cinematics and animation. I loved the soft feel to everything, and that all the elements felt very polished and finished...there just should have been MORE!

Great Game Luis

This is really fun and challenging game, I love it.

The graphics are great, which a lot of games lack. Everything in it is detailed and thought out from the tripping to dying.

I dont think ive ever seen a game with a story plot like this so, its very original.

Sound was perfect, no problems there.

All in all I really liked the game, but i think it needs to be made a bit easier or Im just terrible at it :]

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
7:10 PM EDT
Action - Other