Escape from CampHostility

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UPDATE ** 09/01/07 - Fixed a bunch of shit after months of neglect. lols.

This movie/interactive/whateve r-you-wanna-call it was more of an experiment than anything.
Originally, my idea was to just use a soundtrack i had used in a previous pico movie and try and do something totally different with it... which definately was challenging and im never doing again lol.
While I was at it I thought to myself why not mix interactive elements inside the movie, endurance type of 'games' where if you outlast it the movie continues if not then you are booted to a 'bad' ending. Thats where David aka TrueDarkness came into the mix and as a result you have this pseudo movie with game elements.. its an intruiging idea ill probably do in later movies at a grander scale. Major thanks to David for sharing in my vision and putting up with my crap.

It may be pico day for you guys but to me today will always be NENE DAY. because i love them yellow honeyssss.

Happy birthday Tomo.



It was mediocre

Like I said, mediocre at best. To start with, it was extremely short. That really detracts from the fun of any game, even an interactive movie. Also, the named difficulty levels were not at all indicative of the actual level of difficulty. The only real plus is that it was quite well drawn, and the ending was an interesting surprise. Try a sequel and you'll probably nail a 7 or an 8.

bird hate

hated the bird zone


not exelent or anything like that but its good


This game is so cool, and the prise is great

Very good but...

Too short.

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
7:10 PM EDT
Action - Other