Piconian Slaughter

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YAY, Frontpage, no price... but still +40000 views :)
I must say I'm pretty pleased with the whole outcome :)

First things first:

*FlashPlayer 8 needed to view properly*

*seizure warning*

I had this idea inside my head for over 2 months but, due to school projects and exams, I only had these last five days to make it. I have been working day and night on this and thanks to some great voice-acting by P3RFECT it resulted in this.

Enjoy watching it and happy Pico day ;)


i like it alot

its really sweet to see pico take out all those big stupid ape shits, next time make them giant geckos with british accents.

Me unlike some people here read the authors comment and saw that you only had 5 days to make this flash and some of the other flashes people have been making for months i bet you would of kicked their fat asses if u had the full time to work on this

Vincoid responds:

Thanks, I think I would have too but we'll find out about that next year :D

Thanks, Geckos? :P


The loading screen animation was cooler then this.

This is awsome

A really good animation, the fighting was smooth and each attack was something different. It was great. Also, well done for getting front page before you even passed judgement.


It was a great movie with a good idea but the there were some little things like how pico ran or when he was punching the final ape that stood out. Fix thoose and I would give you a ten

haha under judgement..yet frontpage

Not bad man =O not bad at all

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3.80 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
6:32 PM EDT