Pico Vs. Zico

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This is my second ever animation and my first non-stick animation not including the hour collabs and i had HUGE problems with it.

This wasn't what i started off doing what i started with i put on hold becuase it's going to be a very long flash so i decided to just do a fight scene. It was longer and better than this A LOT better but my file became corrupted a few days before Pico Day and i had to use a decompiler to get it back.

When i got it back it had all sorts of errors tons of stuff was unfixable and the rest was fixable but i didn't have enough time to get it to a good standard and thats what im left with. Even the sound had errors i couldn't get it to fade out thats why in the flash it stops dead. And if you look carefully you can see random frames where the arm is missing and stuff i'm really disappointed with this it looked good until i lost the file.

Anyway even though this movie is total crap at least i have something to show for all that work even if it's crap.


So Far..It Rocked.

Im Pretty Sure this would have been a SICK Flash. Sry bout ur comp man.


pretty good but way to short

Make it longer.

The animation and concept were good, but it was way too short.


the part i liked teh most mas the gun struggle. but the bad was ur anim was too short. but otherwize it pwns

ehh it was alright

i have sympathy for you that sucks that your file got corrupted better like next time i suggest having back ups from now on it elimantes alot of the problems that would normally happen if you were doing stuff like that. Also to they guy below me don't advetise products in your review secound halo 3 isn't that great your crack addled mind was obviously effected by that gamer fuel swill and made you think "OMG BEST GAME EVER WEEE ME LIKE HALO" it's just halo 2 with a 3 on the end and a few new features get over it -.-

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3.62 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
4:46 PM EDT