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Pico's School The Movie 2

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Author Comments

As promised, pico's school the movie is out for pico day! i worked hard on this, please enjoy, vote and review :D

again, for the sake of being part of pico day 2007, i decided to divide this again... i take too much time on details, backgrounds, tweens, everything, and its hard to do the entire game in a single file with little time... wait, i had 12 months to prepare for pico day, right? well i was working on other flashes and many things froms school... i started working seriously on this a month and a half ago, so im really sorry i didnt started working before :C

so what comes next? maybe the third part, maybe something else.. im not sure yet.



Just like Part 1 of the series, this moive is as great as the previous episode. The only fact that I dislike is that you decided to call it a day when it was getting better and better. Make it longer, and you will have a top 50 of all time submission. :(

Lalo responds:

it always happens to me


It does remind me though about the plot hole--why does the psychic fling other students at Pico instead of just flinging Pico himself around or just ripping his gun out of his hands? Great graphics and style though.

Lalo responds:

because pico's too cool to be flinged, thats why alucard couldnt raise him from the floor like the other bodies too :)


I was seriously impressed until i saw the "to be continued..." I mean it was just getting good when I had to say good-bye. I noticed you used more tweens in your animation this time around so you should have gotten more done... Your drawing of perspective is well done, and you should be rewarded on that. When you did fbf however it was done nice and alot neater than last years time around. Not saying last years was bad, you've just cleaned up you act alot. Nice choice of music and great take on Tom's game. Happy Pico Day dude!


Lalo responds:

yeah, i trusted myself and time too much, when i noticed there was just one month left and i barely had the intro done, so i worked like ass till today... i learned my lesson hehe, ill try not to do it again...

thanks for noticing that i've cleaned up my act, i love when people realize it :D


its AWSOME.though you could have made it longer because u had 12 months to work on this! Is the next one the final one?

Lalo responds:

yeah i explained why i didnt finish it all in my comments... and yeah im pretty sure it will be the last one...

I call it a great drama flash

This is a flash i have somewhat longed for, a good drama/action movie, and since the next one is prolly gonna have the lot of dead bodies, you can make it more drama. He falls down on his knees and sees Nene begging him to kill her or something, and add some speak bobbles ;)

Try to make it a little more dramatic when the Nene part comes and the dead pile of boodies part. Plz

Great jobn and i can't wait until the next one is out.

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Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
4:30 PM EDT