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Pico's School The Movie 2

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As promised, pico's school the movie is out for pico day! i worked hard on this, please enjoy, vote and review :D

again, for the sake of being part of pico day 2007, i decided to divide this again... i take too much time on details, backgrounds, tweens, everything, and its hard to do the entire game in a single file with little time... wait, i had 12 months to prepare for pico day, right? well i was working on other flashes and many things froms school... i started working seriously on this a month and a half ago, so im really sorry i didnt started working before :C

so what comes next? maybe the third part, maybe something else.. im not sure yet.



A bit on the short side, but well made and Alucard looked like shino from naruto lol

awesome but too short

I think you really should buckle down and do the whole game as a movie rather than installments.. its such a cool idea and the execution is so well done, it was such a cocktease to just taste the tip of your flash cock. Anyway i gave high marks for the sound.. it is a great example of what a difference well placed sound makes .. really keeps the store suspensful and engaging. I think that some of the angles and effects feel forced.. while cool to use i think you should use effects that make sense. the bullet time didnt feel that necessary and actually seemed to slow down things too much. also when Cassandra and pico cross paths i think that the crop on the stare should have not had a blur on it. i think you really get a better sense of the tightness of the stare with a crop thats razor sharp. you can really feel the tension of the screen squeezing on the stare of these characters..
Great job lalo, you have alot of raw talent.

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Lalo responds:

thanks luis, im happy you reviewed and noticed these little details that make an animation come to life, yeah i know its short, and dividing it its a pain in the ass for viewers, once im done ill put them all together in a single flash file and see how it looks... part 3 will be neat :)

I liked it

I really liked what you did in this movie. The fight scene with the blue guy was very nice and I like how you included the shield barrier blocking all the bullets. Also, the beginning part when Pico had the smeared blood on his arm was pretty cool too. The only thing I disliked was the background music. It didn't seem to fit the flash very well. Other than that you did a very, very good job and I am looking forward to your next submission.


I was really pleased with what you offered in this episode, i thought that the fight sequence with that blue guy was simply awesome and you were able to come up with some pretty freaky moves such as him lifting dead bodies and throwing them at pico. The music in the background was really edgy and i think thats what this flash really needed. The smudged blood effect on picos arm in the beginning was great. The best part had to be the eye contact the two characters made as they past each other at the door. Overall i think you have done really well and i look forward to the next installment.



My hopes and dream cut short by..........THOSE DAMN CREDITS

Lalo responds:

sorry :C

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4.34 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
4:30 PM EDT