Pico Home from School

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--Turn the Volume up abit for this one.

My Pico Day 2007 submission. Enjoy.

And It's true that you do hallucinate when your stoned... everyone knows that..


original concept... kinda gay though

why would u make that?! Pico, gay? why? tht just kills pico. aww, is tht what happened to u? did ur mommy find your gay porno stash? i bet when your reading those playgurl mags u just wish and pray tht the guy will "jump out of the picture" and do u. w.e alright movie though, im really glad you made the dick deformed and hoodish looking instead of making it really well animated becuz tht would have tottally gay. wow im high right now and tht movie pissed me off for some reason....

that was great

the only thins i had problems with is the sound, no voices and the volume had to be played pretty loud. the graphix i put an 8 cuz the mother had no face and that was a deformed penis. violence, well because he was eaten by a penis... and yeah...... overall tho good job


i only have one question
Why did the penis eat him?
Great Flash though


I liked it. It was a strange concept, didn't really understand it, the whole: a dick on the cover of a magazine came to life and started attacking Pico. Oh well.. it was funny in a sort of passive way. I did, however, giggle during the scene where his mother showed Pico that she had found out he had porn. The drawings and animation was fantastic and i did like the idea you came up with and to look at Pico's life in a non-violent way, even if the story didn't make sense.


that was well made and fuck all u homophobes who dont like the concept grow up

only real problem i had was the lack of killing that usually goes with pico.

good work anyways

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
3:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody