Pico Home from School

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--Turn the Volume up abit for this one.

My Pico Day 2007 submission. Enjoy.

And It's true that you do hallucinate when your stoned... everyone knows that..


No seriously

Marijuana isnt a hallucinigen. Great graphics though.

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what the fuck is wrong with you.

you don't hallucinate like that when ur stoned. dumbass. and plus, are u saying that Pico is gay? it would have actually been funny if he like ate some shrooms or a couple of different pills and got in trouble for there being a magazine with a vagina on the cover. now that would be scary if a giant vagina was chasing you. especially if it like whipped out some fangs. come on.

dick jokes are just getting old. all because of that 300 queers and Tankmen dude. it's old.

what in the FUCK?!

good animation (in terms of skill), but the whole dick thing was waaaay weird.

AND that would never happen when you're stoned.


Spectacular. Top notch I must say!

Kudos to you.

I'm sure you knew this before you made it, but you'll probably get some backlash from the nazi homophobes out there (I noticed you have at least one review like that). I even noticed someone claiming that Pico had a girlfriend, though Tom Fulp has never made a flash where Pico had a girlfriend, so he's probably referring to fan made flashes that like to think of Nene as Pico's girlfriend. They're friends, she has a vagina, he has a penis, so clearly they have to be dating right? Pfft. Anyway, this was an amazing flash.

I really liked the animation. I've never done any drugs cause I'm poor and with caffeine and video games I can't afford any more addictions, but if they do make you get attacked by giant penis hallucinations then that's just one more reason to steer clear of them. They should put that on those anti-drug commercials on tv, they'd never have to give any other reason for kids to stay straight-edge. One thing I didn't get was why a playgirl penis would be so angry. He probably gets a lot of action and he has his own magazine cover. What a total dick.

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
3:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody