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Pico: RPS Roulette

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Thanks for the front page and happy birthday Tom.

Pico squares off against the Uberkids in the most revered and ridiculous game of chance known to man:
Rock Paper Scissors Roulette

A short cartoon based off of the game "Pico vs. Uberkids" from 2000.


why why why

the submision was good but why does nene die in every submision i see

DAMMIT! (hands money to pico)

Brilliant! Loved the whole "zombies must die" bit at the end. 5/5 and 10/10 for this tribute to Fulp's RPS Roulette and Pico vs. Uberkids

That was funny shit!

What a fucked up teacher! lol! Then again, what fucked up kids! lol!

Lol i thought pico was gonna die instead he killd the remaining of the kids

hey cool

theres a game of this but it doesnt work any more

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