Pico: RPS Roulette

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Thanks for the front page and happy birthday Tom.

Pico squares off against the Uberkids in the most revered and ridiculous game of chance known to man:
Rock Paper Scissors Roulette

A short cartoon based off of the game "Pico vs. Uberkids" from 2000.


this is funny!

a movie on a computer game. it's cool

Mr. Fulp Would Be Proud

This flash piece was just plain amazing. I have to thank whoever came up with the idea of Pico Day because if they have had, this flash might not have been made for the contest. It sticks with the true Pico style and even improves upon it.
The animation style itself is refreshing, it is well done and you can tell a good bit of time was put into it without going over the top and creating something that would slow a machine down or have delayed finishing up for the Pico Day deadline. A nice balance that meets the modern standard of a well made flash piece and is pleasing to the eye.
The humour of RPS Routlette was done with great timing and proper content for the scenario. Both the graphics and the noise of the flash can make even the most jaded flash viewer laugh within his chair. It is one of the rare pieces that will make your roomie wonder what you are busting up over.
If you are a fan of Pico, any of the Pico characters or just plain enjoy watching various well designed flash movies then this is a piece that is worth your time and just might inspire you to get a tattoo that reads "Zombies Must Die."

That was great

I loved the corny action movie cliches. I also thought it was great how retarded you made the teacher. Good work

Nice work.

Awesome. fast paced and very funny. Great flash.

great shit man

i laughed my ass off like 90% of the time.

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Apr 30, 2007
2:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original