Pico Performs Oral

April 30, 2007 –
April 18, 2016
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Pico loves giving head!



I am scarred. I hope you are happ...IS THAT MILEY CYRUS AS YOUR PIC?! No wonder why this sucks. This is gross and pointless. I can't believe you would make something os stupid! WHY!? And now I have to write a review BECAUSE IT WAS SO STUPID> WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?

Incase if anyone was wondering the song is called The Irony of it All by The Streets.

1. Suitable for all ages?
2. Pointless flash, no jokes, no storyline...

It's not funny you know, you made it All Audiences Allowed, when it clearly shows explicit content. The graphics were bad, and I'll only give you a 1 for the music, but that's it. I don't find anything amusing here either.

Though it may be a bad flash the audio clip was quite funny.

I have to be honest with you when I see this submission, it was one of the lamest thing I have ever seen, it brought absolutely no entertainment value or effort or any point at all and it really was a waste to make it. There really was no good part to it at all, and I really did not like it one bit. Not a great submission, not even good.

This isen't "Suitable For All Audiences"!
Shuld be T!

This is rated as Anyone: Suitable For All Audiences? I beg to differ.

^^Good Points^^
Not the best of taste in this movie, but I have to say the way you made these drawings and the animation made me chuckle a bit.

^^Needs Improving^^
Looks like you put a very short amount of time into making this one. The animations were too simple, and I just didn't believe it. A short loop with no real storyline to back it up much. I'm disappointed.

Cool, funny. What's the song though?


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