Pico's Blam Jam

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Programming: Bas in het Veld
Art & Animation: Hans van Harken

ok let's make one thing clear:
We do not hate the people we make fun of here. We totally respect these animators.
-Q&E or mouse wheel changes your weapons!-
-Press ESCAPE to return to the menu!-
-ok ok ok cheats are in the end of the comments..-
introducing Bas' all-new physics engine! Dead enemies will become ragdolls!
When Pico sees his flash creations getting sweeped out of the top 50, he decides something needs to be done. Destroy some of Newgrounds' best artist to restore Pico's power.
scaramush : godmode
unload : all weapons
oneeye : infinite ammo
wannasee : unlock all movies


Nice Game Dewds

Nice game indeed, nice graphics, nice responsive controls, nice physics, my only real gripes are with the lack of music, which made it sound a little empty, and the lack of a game over screen when you die, other then that great job, i look forward to seeing what you come out with next.

PivotGames responds:

haha, we actually had another reference to you in the game.. But due to the deadline I wasn't able to complete your ragdoll in time so we left it out :( sorry :P
thanks for the review!

Great game

I really enjoyed playing it but how do you get the cheats to work? the zebra at the end just kept on committing suicide so i won by 5 - 0 and i only had any real trouble with the madness levels that were a bitch to complete. Really great Pico game and i gave it 5/5 since it was just so good.

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PivotGames responds:

Got to the statistics screen, you can enter the cheats right there. You'll get a message if you entered it correctly.
Thanks for the review!


This is one awesome game! But OMFG that krinkels lvl!!! I made it untill the zombie angel boss and he keeps killing me. It's so damn hard! But awesome , and that's what counts. Make more, parody different NG artists and keep making those hilarious cutscenes, they're the best. You get a 4/5 Great work!

PivotGames responds:

haha.. Yeah the Krinkels level is hard and we wanted it to be like that, since we couldn't make it too long (it's already the longest level, and we wanted all games to be more or less equal in length) ;)
oh and for the Jesus boss: Empty your AK on him, then empty your Uzi, and if he's still alive use you shotgun. I'm also very glad you liked the cutscenes. We decided to use it more often in our future games :)
Thanks for the review!


GREAT man dis rocks but when i died (happens alot on clown) i had 2 quit then come bak onanyways great BUT master queef i mean cheif is pretty hard MAKE more lif possible

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PivotGames responds:

Make more life possible? You mean in the madness levels? I won't :) , but If you can use the cheats that can be found on our website. About the Master Queef level, That level just requires a bit of a different tactic. Make sure you deplete his stamina and when he jumps, hit him. And don't forget to check out the level selection and play SFBros Arena, you can customize your match there and even play agains your friends on the same pc!

madness fan speaking up for his shit

ok, simple shit, on the krinkels level use the pistol and headshots for the enemy, switch to a full auto uzi or AK for jesus, and the shotgun for our happy friend the clown, the spreadshot will help nail him while hes bouncing around. anyways, its a good game, challenging and fun, a happy romp for hardcore flash fans all around and a beautiful addition to pico day

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PivotGames responds:

thank you! And remember to pick up ammo boxes with your favourite gun, because you'll get 2 magazines for the weapon you'll holding then.

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
11:02 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun