Newgrounds Joyride 2007

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Thanks for the high rating and kind words. I appreciate it alot seeing this was painful to pull off. Awesome frontpage aswell <3

This is my finished submission for this years glorious event, hope you can get a kick out of it ya'all.
I didn't go for the gore-path with mine tonight, because I just wanted to create an adventurous hyperactive joyride on amphetamines in which I could display my love for this site, which I've been a proud member off since a couple of years.
I lurve you Newgrounds, you led my pathway to glory.

Cheers to you all etc.


very nice

very uh unique animation. also a little on the crazy side. dodint understand it butt. twaz brilliant. :P

Very good.

Nice to see a little of Pico's happy side, rather than the typical trigger-happy Pico we all know and love. The music was catchy, and everything seemed to have a glossy finish, so it was very pleasing to the eye.

Nice to see a lot cameo appearances by characters from popular flashes. I laughed after I saw Pico step on the faces of some of those characters.

Overall, it looked good, but the whole movie in its entirety was great. I liked it, despite how short it seemed. 5/5.

all there

it had references (of EVERYTHING!!! from Madness to Brackenwood to Dad n Me to Tankmen to Blockhead to Clock Crew) it also had great animation and (not sure if everyone knows what song it's a remix of) a good song for this kind of movie

the face close-ups were unacceptably creepy (especially Nene), so u get only 9/10 but still 5/5

One of a kind!

This is an amazing flash! I hope to see many more flashes from you in the future! I felt as if this flash made Pico seem as if he could trample the competition no matter who or what they are! Pico has always been a favorite of mine and the way you portrayed him was amazing! Keep up the great work, I hope to see more soon!


I agree with the dude in the bottom ii am pretty confused with this but it was good.

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4.24 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
6:43 AM EDT
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