Newgrounds Joyride 2007

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Thanks for the high rating and kind words. I appreciate it alot seeing this was painful to pull off. Awesome frontpage aswell <3

This is my finished submission for this years glorious event, hope you can get a kick out of it ya'all.
I didn't go for the gore-path with mine tonight, because I just wanted to create an adventurous hyperactive joyride on amphetamines in which I could display my love for this site, which I've been a proud member off since a couple of years.
I lurve you Newgrounds, you led my pathway to glory.

Cheers to you all etc.


nice man

not brutal seeing the no gore warning but still a very good flash

i'm impressed

Very nicely drawn and animated flash movie. It's very fast paced but it fits the music absolutely perfectly. It was funny how you had all of the pico characters run and jump around the city. Very nicely drawn characters. Liked how Pico was thrown in jail but then he escapes.

If only there was a Madness day...

Your animation was pure genious and greatness. Man, I wish there was a Madness day so we could get awesome animations like yours

Very awesome!

This is really great! I love the idea and the conceptual relation to... well... everything newgrounds! Great job! I really enjoyed the style and the incorporation of classic and contemporary favorites. You even managed to fit Bitey in there. Be proud!

good job

good job like how you added a bunch of charecters from a variety of flashes and how pico litearly stomped the compitition good job
very original and even though i hate musical flashes this one is good.

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4.24 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
6:43 AM EDT
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