Newgrounds Joyride 2007

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Thanks for the high rating and kind words. I appreciate it alot seeing this was painful to pull off. Awesome frontpage aswell <3

This is my finished submission for this years glorious event, hope you can get a kick out of it ya'all.
I didn't go for the gore-path with mine tonight, because I just wanted to create an adventurous hyperactive joyride on amphetamines in which I could display my love for this site, which I've been a proud member off since a couple of years.
I lurve you Newgrounds, you led my pathway to glory.

Cheers to you all etc.


love it

its like the summarization of an acid trip to newgrounds with music =D

Awesome- whats that song?

What can I say? This was just awesome and bloody entertaining. Tim is active on NG for sooooo many years now and you can totally see and tell how he improved. It’s really impressive. I loved that style a lot and the coloured outlines worked so god damn well. It was just enjoyable to watch. The whole movie was also pretty funny. It started with Pico running around full of joy. You would normally expect some shooting around and a lot of blood and I’m honestly sick of all those movies. In the end they are all the same so it’s great to see that this one was DIFFERENT. It was great to see all those Newgrounds characters and how Pico kicked their arse. Great job!

BY THE WAY Can ANYBODY tell me what song that was? I just can’t get it out of my head now. I think its either some old cartoon or a NES game but I just don’t know. HELP, please!

Very nice!

I love to see pico not in a very violint way. He seems happy go lucky in this, and I love it! I applaud your work of putting so many types of people in there, I love the part where Mario knocked him out. I seriously love this! 10s, 5s what ever you want all around!

WTF WAS THAT MAN.................

WHERE IN GODS NAME WAS ALL THE VILONCE MAN SEROUSLY MAN BUT ANY WAS...................... nice job on the animation.


im rather curious how you do your traditional 2d animation. Is it drawing from hand and scanning it onto your comp. or did u draw it on a program on your computer and if so, what program

Sqeezy responds:

I just use Flash since years.. Flash 8 now
and I got one of those fancy drawing tablets by now aswell. It's faster and just SEXYXXYXYEYDSXSA

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4.24 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
6:43 AM EDT
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