Newgrounds Joyride 2007

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Thanks for the high rating and kind words. I appreciate it alot seeing this was painful to pull off. Awesome frontpage aswell <3

This is my finished submission for this years glorious event, hope you can get a kick out of it ya'all.
I didn't go for the gore-path with mine tonight, because I just wanted to create an adventurous hyperactive joyride on amphetamines in which I could display my love for this site, which I've been a proud member off since a couple of years.
I lurve you Newgrounds, you led my pathway to glory.

Cheers to you all etc.



Nice! I was kinda wondering wat will happen to pico when he was thrown to the "jail" but it was pretty funny the way you draw everything! If I'm an NG judge, I'll give you 11/10

Gawd Yesh

Oh boy I always enjoy your stuff so much! Its random and so.. artisticly animated. Its just so much fun to watch! And best of all, they are frame by frame works, I love those(:

Ok so about the animation. I thought it was strange to hear a Supermario song with a movie about pico. But the hell.. Its an awesome animation! So it didnt bother me in the end. Cool how it starts of with random running around and the main characters! Lots of random running around still lol Its amusing to see how he meets up with lots of other characters of the newgrounds world all drawn in your own style. And then FINALLY mario is there! lol This movie has a great ending, something I did not expect and made me laugh.
GR: 9, Some of the frame by frame animations dont look really great, but even though they dont, they look really stylish!
ST: 10, And welldeserved, your style is awesome.
SO: 9, I loved the song although it doesnt really fit Pico
VI: 4, Theres some violence but no gore or anything. Kind of amusing violence really.
IN: 3, Play, Replay and some other buttons lol.
HU: 8, Oh yessss! Im longing for next year!
OV: 10, I loved it man, Im giving you a 10 for this! Oh and congrats on your 4th place!!

Sqeezy responds:

Best reviewww evar <3

Great flash animation!

Pico looks sooo nice .You worked very hard to make this movie!Good job.

Very Safe :P

This one of the First Pico flash that i ve seen that dosent contain Blood. Awesome Flash and Awesome Music =P

I like it.

Sorta kidish sytle but still good work and animation with it [Did you have to strech everyones faces out?]

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4.24 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
6:43 AM EDT
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